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chapter 1: The Only One (added 2013/06/12)

This is the novel that I'm going to finish and publish. GRAGAHA!!
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2012/01/16)

This is the novel that I'm going to finish and publish. GRAGAHA!!

Character Sheet
These are where I will out the characters I'm working on.
chapter 1: Kibil (added 2011/11/10)

This is the story of Rolland the Assassin
chapter 1: The Boy of the Cathedral (added 2011/10/06)

Quirenas' Tale
If you are any of those participating in my role play DO NOT READ THIS!! I want to finish it first and then have you read it. It's going to be a long project but I'm looking forward to it. For those n ...more
chapter 1: The Beginning (added 2011/10/12)

Love Like This
Nineteen year old Faith Bradley has never really liked guys. It's not that she's not attracted to them, she's still quite attracted to them. However, she just can't seem to find any guy that she actua ...more
chapter 1: Hi my name is Alex (added 2011/10/02)

The Blended
In a land where the four elements are daily controlled and taken care of, there are always mixes of them. Shunned and hated, these Blended often run, trying to get to a new place; a new home made just ...more
chapter 1: Mixed-Blood (added 2011/08/31)

Just Another Magna Girl
This story was based after one of my best friends, actually, several of them, go figure. It's a story about a girl finding herself in a postion that no girl would ever want to be in. you'll have to re ...more
chapter 1: Once upon a time (added 2010/09/21)
chapter 2: Prince Charming (added 2011/02/06)

14-year-old Corey Hansen never knew his parents. He was found at the Orphanage for the Lost or Left when he wasa bout two years old. He claimed to be named Corey, or something like that, so that was w ...more
chapter 1: The Prologue (added 2010/05/25)
chapter 2: Corey (added 2010/05/26)
chapter 3: The Court of the Hawk (added 2010/05/26)