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chapter 1: ~_~ (added 2009/03/13)

the Locker room
I wrote this for an english assignment...
chapter 1: The locker Room (added 2009/03/01)

Mirror of The Shining
short story
chapter 1: Mirror of The Shining (added 2009/04/02)

The metaphorical story of life
just random.
chapter 1: The metaphorical story of life (added 2009/03/01)

The Elsworth Chronicles
So these are stories that I think up randomly and are really weird, so here it goes. I'm writing most of these with Seas_of_Fire
chapter 1: Elsworth and the CousCous mountain. (added 2009/01/26)
chapter 2: Elsworth Returns (added 2009/01/26)
chapter 3: Elsworth and the Underwater City of Enchilada (added 2009/01/26)
chapter 4: Elsworth and The Nacho Generals (added 2009/04/10)