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A Book For Someone
A piece of nonfiction which I will augment. This is still in progress.
chapter 1: A Book For Someone (added 2016/07/17)

A memory
chapter 1: Dance (added 2016/07/12)

The City
A fragment
chapter 1: The City (added 2016/07/11)

The Aesthete
An improvisation
chapter 1: The Only Chapter (added 2016/06/19)

The Way Out
This is a fragment. In other words, it's an unfinished piece. I wrote it in 1986. I've added a note at the end, written on June 28th, 2015.
chapter 1: The Way Out (added 2015/06/29)

chapter 1: Walkout (added 2015/03/27)

Why "Hansel and Gretel" Is Entirely Realistic.
This is my interpretation of the story. I've prefaced it with the story itself, from Margaret Taylor's 1884 translation, which is in the Public Domain.
chapter 1: Why "Hansel and Gretel" Is Entirely Realistic (added 2015/03/21)

Things That Happened To My Mother
A nonfiction piece.
chapter 1: Things That Happened To My Mother (added 2014/09/15)
chapter 2: Part 2 of Things That Happened To My Mother (added 2014/10/25)
chapter 3: Part 3 - Things That Happened To My Mother (added 2014/10/25)
chapter 4: Part 4: Love Letters Along The Shore (added 2014/11/07)
chapter 5: Chapter 6 (I'm omitting Chapters 5 and 7.) (added 2014/11/24)
chapter 6: Chapter 8 of "Things That Happened To My Mother" (added 2015/01/05)
chapter 7: Part 9 of "Things That Happened To My Mother." (added 2014/12/13)
chapter 8: Chapter 10 (added 2015/01/05)
chapter 9: Chapter 11 (added 2015/01/07)
chapter 10: Chapter The Last: Catch-all (added 2015/01/14)

The Electron Microscope
This is a piece I'm developing. I will make changes to it. It's in flux.
chapter 1: The Electron Microscope -- First Skein (added 2014/01/05)

Magna Faba
It being the Magna Faba of 1962
chapter 1: Magna Faba (added 2012/06/26)

Written Quickly and Not Finished Yet
Written Quickly and Not Finished Yet
chapter 1: Only One Chapter So Far, and Even That Not Complete (added 2011/09/15)

If I Were To Write A Story
Our hero Brimwell's philosophy.
chapter 1: The Only Chapter (added 2011/09/10)

Murder In The Public Domain
My attempt at genre fiction.
chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2011/06/17)

Martin Philosophizes
A brief beginning.
chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2011/06/10)

Lethal Tender -- Chapter One
An excerpt from a novel
chapter 1: Lethal Tender (added 2011/06/06)

More stuff I've found in my wallet. Goodreads is essentially a file cabinet for me. These are doodlings of mine from the last two weeks. I'm attempting alliteration in two of these pieces. The first o ...more
chapter 1: Snippets (added 2011/02/08)

Tragedy: A Fragment
Something I dug up. I think I wrote it when I was about thirty. It's undated.
chapter 1: Tragedy (added 2011/01/19)

Somewhere between prose and a poem.
chapter 1: Plus (added 2010/11/13)

The Cookie-cutter Killer
Written in 2010.
chapter 1: Chapter 1 of 1 (added 2010/09/19)

The Inch-worm Roaster
A short story.
chapter 1: The Inch-worm Roaster (added 2010/05/31)

An Uncracked Mirror
Here's something I hope you'll like.
chapter 1: Chapter 1 of 1 (added 2009/08/04)

The Ballad Of Lisa Rose
While this poem is about a tragic historical event, I wrote it when I found out the middle name of my friend, Lisa, who has always encouraged me to write. "Lisa Rose" is a most poetic name. (Lisa is i ...more
chapter 1: The Ballad of Lisa Rose (added 2009/04/10)

Cut To The Credits
A list.
chapter 1: Cut To The Credits (added 2009/03/13)

About the Kindle.
chapter 1: The Kindle (added 2009/03/04)

A Trivia Question
A Trivia Question of mine which has disappeared.
chapter 1: A Trivia Question (added 2009/02/07)

The Recluse
This is a short story.
chapter 1: The Recluse (added 2009/01/13)

Christmas Parties
A poem
chapter 1: Christmas Parties (added 2008/12/23)

Mr. Hide-A-Thing
This may be a prose poem.
chapter 1: Mr. Hide-A-Thing (added 2008/12/05)

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