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Bad Reputations
You know that guy with the bad reputation? The one who starts fights, gets in trouble and pisses everyone off?

The Bad Ass, Bad Guy and ever cliche Bad Boy.

That's Alek Armand.

He breaks hearts, hurts

chapter 1: Chapter 1 (added 2013/09/02)

“Someday can’t come soon enough.”

We all live in a world of ‘someday's’, so what makes Jase any different?

His class.

When he enrolled in a philosophy class, he never quite thought he’d be in for the pro

chapter 1: Someday can't come fast enough (added 2013/07/27)

Forever & Always
They say love conquers all, but have you ever questioned what 'all' entails? Does it include death, or is that just a detail?

Lorraine never thought that it would come to this, and now she is faced wit

chapter 1: Saddest Goodbye (added 2013/07/14)
chapter 2: Continuance (added 2013/07/18)

In Ink
Analia is a hard working journalist temporarily working as the advice columnist. When she runs into Nathaniel Ross, a journalist out to destroy the paper she works at, a plan to sabotage goes all kind ...more
chapter 1: Splattered Paint (added 2013/07/14)
chapter 2: Fob? What Nonsense! (added 2013/07/14)

Book of Poems
Here is my poetry. Enjoy!
chapter 1: Barely (added 2008/06/28)
chapter 2: I don't know if i love him... (added 2008/07/08)
chapter 3: Our Everlasting Love (added 2008/07/22)
chapter 4: Fate (added 2008/07/22)
chapter 5: I Know you (added 2008/08/01)
chapter 6: if not me (added 2008/08/01)
chapter 7: I See... (added 2008/08/01)
chapter 8: From My Heart (added 2009/10/01)