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Computer Predators Vs. Computer Prey
A young girl (Cherry) and her friends find trouble, with an online predator.
chapter 1: Before the story begins... (added 2009/02/20)
chapter 2: A New Pen-pal (added 2009/02/23)

I'll never leave you or forsake you...Ron.
Please criticize. I'm putting it on here for criticizem so please feel free to say as you please...it will help bunches! :)
chapter 1: Bringing Ron home...again. (added 2009/01/06)
chapter 2: Home at last... (added 2009/02/08)

Don't have a title yet still thinking of one....
Three teens struggling with their home life find refuge in a camp for troubled teens and conquer their worst fears and issues. I wil warn you the persepective of who's telling the story changes alot s ...more
chapter 1: Not Exactly a Happy Home (added 2008/09/26)
chapter 2: School...another story. (added 2008/08/17)
chapter 3: Chapter Three: A change in perspective (added 2008/09/15)
chapter 4: Chapter Four: Tragedy strikes (Delilah) (added 2008/09/15)
chapter 5: What now? (added 2008/11/20)

True Love
What love is about...
chapter 1: True Love (added 2008/06/14)

chapter 1: A little girls Imagination (added 2008/11/17)

Eternal Love
God's Love dispite our wicked ways
chapter 1: God's Love (added 2008/08/14)
chapter 2: A Little Hop in my walk! (added 2008/08/14)

Lamb and the Lion
This a a short story in the perspective of a Lamb.
chapter 1: In the Begining... (added 2009/03/21)
chapter 2: The Temptation...and fall (added 2008/08/17)
chapter 3: Terrible changing...but there's still Hope! (added 2008/08/14)

Lilly Of The Valley
A little girl, Lilly, must learn how to trust and love, even after betrayal, all over again after left at the foot steps of Middleton orphange. (Hope that makes sense.)
chapter 1: Little Lilly (added 2008/09/29)
chapter 2: God takes care of the bird's, why not me? (added 2008/11/17)