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Spoiled Brats Romance Diaries Presents My Amnesia Girl Series 1
Spoiled Brats Book Series

Spoiled Brats are children born with silver spoons in their mouths and will never have to work a day in their lives. They live an affluent life, enjoying all the luxuries, com

chapter 1: My Amnesia Girl (added 2015/05/31)

A Magical and Inspiring Story Book Two: And Then There's Haley
In an enchanted forest far away from civilization, Theo and Mary, along with their son RAY and daughter HALEY, live quietly and happily in great contentment. In this strange and mysterious place, they ...more
chapter 1: And Then There's Haley (added 2013/11/10)

A Magical and Inspiring Story Book One: A Boy Named Ray
Theo and Mary are loving couple, but their disfigured faces make them the subject of daily ridicule in their small town and are eventually driven away. Forced to leave the only home they have ever kno ...more
chapter 1: Chapter One (added 2013/11/09)