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Chokorēto (in Beautiful Mistake)
Excerpt novella dalam buku yang ditulis saya dan Sefryana Khairil
chapter 1: Étude (added 2012/02/19)

Brownies Keju di Tuilleries Garden
Waiting for two very different things
chapter 1: Brownies Keju di Tuilleries Garden (added 2008/05/21)

Will & Juliette: A Love Chronicle in New York City by Prisca Primasari
A heartwarming filmic novel published by Lingkar Pena Publishing House. This is the result of a very hard struggle. I made the concept when i was in the third grade of senior high school, but it is ju ...more
chapter 1: Will & Juliette (added 2008/04/12)

The Fairy Tale House, by Prisca Primasari
Wealth versus Love
chapter 1: The Fairy Tale House (added 2008/04/12)

Spring in Autumn by Prisca Primasari
A filmic romantic comedy about two very different people
chapter 1: Spring in Autumn (added 2008/04/12)

Manisnya Pai Apel
A husband who's never cared about his wife
chapter 1: Manisnya Pai Apel (added 2008/04/15)

Lebih dari Tiga Hari
Juara 1 Festival Kreasi Muslimah 2007
chapter 1: Lebih dari Tiga Hari (added 2008/04/15)

Hiasan yang Dikenakan Prue
Being published by Jawa Pos in 2007
chapter 1: Hiasan yang dikenakan Prue (added 2008/04/12)