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Writing this at work, so the chapters won't exactly be separated in a sensical way.
chapter 1: 7/13/11 (added 2011/07/13)

Just a poem I wrote today, and I liked it enough to give it its own heading. :P
chapter 1: Supposing (added 2010/09/22)

Death isn't an end, it's a new start. This is the lesson that Lily finds out the hard way.
chapter 1: Going Down (added 2010/02/16)

Becca meets Emma, who has just moved into town, and they slowly become friends. Then Emma goes missing, and Beccas starts to discoever secrets about her new friend. Secrets that could get them both ki ...more
chapter 1: Prologue (added 2009/11/07)

School Writing Assignments
A collection of stories and stuff for my creative writing class.
chapter 1: Tiger Gets His Stripes (added 2009/09/23)
chapter 2: Clueless (added 2014/10/26)
chapter 3: Texting Causes Many People To Lose Sight Of Proper Grammar (added 2010/05/24)

The Senses
Poetry describing items with all five senses. Some things will be easy, and others will be a challenge.

Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch Smell

chapter 1: Waves (added 2009/04/26)

First Flight
Just some random story about a girl who dreams of flying. What can I say, I was bored. ^^
chapter 1: Ch 1 (no, these rnt real chs...) (added 2009/04/09)

Temper Tantrum Chronicles
What do you do when life gets stressful? This is about a bunch of different kids, seperate stories, and how THEY handle the stress.
chapter 1: Blood (added 2009/07/01)
chapter 2: Flames (added 2009/04/13)
chapter 3: Knives (added 2009/07/03)

Lit Story- The Chosen
We got this lit assignment, where we had to use our vocab words, and i decided to base it off the MR RP... and it kinda went left when i planned a right, so... *grins* needless to say, its not MR anym ...more
chapter 1: Part One (added 2008/10/01)

Werecats (not final title) (FEED BACK!!! like, constuctive criticism plz! lol, thanks guys!!)
About a boy werecat who breaks the rules and kidnaps a human girl.
chapter 1: Chapter One (It only shifts with the paragraphs!!!!) (added 2009/01/08)
chapter 2: Chapter Two (added 2009/04/17)
chapter 3: Chapter Three (added 2009/04/17)
chapter 4: Chapter Four (morgan, no real point, i just got bored, lol) (added 2008/10/07)
chapter 5: Chapter Five *note: I edited the chapter on 9/22, so re-read! *Also: I know foxes aren't part of the cat family, but hey, gives me something to think about, lol! (added 2008/10/07)
chapter 6: Chapter Six (added 2008/10/07)
chapter 7: Chapter Seven (added 2009/04/17)

Poetry that just comes to me when I think about it. Shall add more on occasion, so check back if you like it, or just want to see the weird, messed up inner workings of my mind.
chapter 1: Violated (added 2012/11/22)
chapter 2: Perfect Sunset (added 2009/03/26)
chapter 3: The River of Life (added 2009/03/25)
chapter 4: 3:48 A.M. (added 2009/03/25)
chapter 5: Snowflakes (added 2009/03/25)
chapter 6: I am the Author (added 2009/03/25)
chapter 7: Dancing (added 2009/03/25)
chapter 8: Topsy-Turvey Day (added 2009/03/26)
chapter 9: Why Must All the Colors Go? (added 2009/03/29)
chapter 10: Mackinac Island (added 2009/03/26)
chapter 11: Darkness Rises (added 2009/03/26)
chapter 12: Music (added 2009/04/05)
chapter 13: Rainstorms (added 2009/03/29)
chapter 14: I AM... (added 2009/04/18)
chapter 15: Wings (added 2009/05/04)
chapter 16: Silence (added 2009/04/17)
chapter 17: Attack (added 2009/04/18)
chapter 18: Midnight (added 2009/04/21)
chapter 19: Shadows Fade (added 2009/05/10)
chapter 20: My Love (added 2012/11/22)
chapter 21: Final Good-Bye (added 2012/11/22)
chapter 22: A Sticky Note Dream (added 2009/07/23)
chapter 23: Late Night (added 2009/07/24)
chapter 24: Dinner Time (added 2009/07/31)
chapter 25: Rainbow Reasons (added 2009/08/11)
chapter 26: Acrostic (added 2009/08/11)
chapter 27: Hidden Creation (added 2010/01/21)
chapter 28: On The Road Again (added 2010/01/24)
chapter 29: Somewhere (added 2010/12/28)
chapter 30: Night Unending (added 2011/05/09)
chapter 31: Game of Love (added 2011/05/09)
chapter 32: Last Night (added 2011/08/31)
chapter 33: Lost Victory (added 2011/09/01)
chapter 34: Maelstrom (added 2011/09/02)
chapter 35: Untitled #1 (added 2011/09/08)
chapter 36: Disappearance (added 2012/11/22)