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Viola Grace
Viola Grace
37,512 ratings (average 3.92)
347 works

Flicker Scorcher Minder Healer Spinner Station 13 Guardian Enjel
Terran Times (78 books)
3.81 avg rating — 5,701 ratings

Soul Keeper Wrapped In Thought A Healing Caress Fighting Sanity A Hunter's Dream Bound By Law A Limitless Sky
Tales Of The Citadel (57 books)
4.03 avg rating — 4,203 ratings

Avenging Enjel Karma Keen Keeper Knell Knotted Lady
Terran Times Second Wave (36 books)
3.97 avg rating — 3,435 ratings

Freak Factor Running Wyld Hael's Fury Seering Order Star Breaker Imperial Guard Wyt and Wild
Sector Guard (26 books)
3.96 avg rating — 3,395 ratings

One Part Human Two Parts Demon Three Parts Fey Ritual Space Defying Eternity Monster Baiter Binding Magic
An Obscure Magic (7 books)
3.90 avg rating — 2,625 ratings

Red Run Flight and Fantasy Asylum Mine The Rapunzel Factor Washed Up Micro Lena Mask Of The Overlord
Fairy Tales (23 books)
3.72 avg rating — 2,203 ratings

Arena Station Deal with a Dhemon Avari Nyx Marks of Admar Haldis Imperium
Champions of Terra (5 books)
3.80 avg rating — 1,554 ratings

Gnomes of Suburbia Gargoyles in the Round Pixies In The Park Impractical Magus Raven Dexter, Paranormal Mi... A Nexus Wedding Turning Night
Nexus Chronicles (9 books)
4.05 avg rating — 1,231 ratings

Knowing Accepting Hiding Guiding Collecting Hunting Designing
Return of the Nine (9 books)
3.96 avg rating — 1,206 ratings

The Warder's Djinn The Warder's Dragon The Warder's Wolf The Warder's Vampire The Warder's Gryphon The Warder's Unicorn The Warder's Elf
Warders (10 books)
4.08 avg rating — 967 ratings

Getting Lucky Haunting Hannah Finding Fiona Chasing Carolyn Tricking Tara Holding Holly Valentine's Victory
Sisters of Silverwood (9 books)
4.03 avg rating — 655 ratings

Dear Santa, Get Bent! Malled by Christmas Sleighing Her Elf Hung By The Fire Twisting the Pole Blizzard of Heat Bells and Chains
Operation Reindeer Retrieval (9 books)
3.98 avg rating — 653 ratings

Magus Shift Affinity Abandon Archive
Half Blood Club (4 books)
4.00 avg rating — 446 ratings

Blood Proxy Burning Ceres Gift of Wyora An Honored Wife
Rune (4 books)
3.91 avg rating — 433 ratings

Sacrifice to the Stars Emissary to the Stars Wrath of the Stars Captive of the Stars Caress of the Stars
Hashka Chronicles (5 books)
3.80 avg rating — 409 ratings

Untrained Fascination Heart of the Hunted Overseer's Chain
Brace for Humanity (3 books)
3.89 avg rating — 346 ratings

Liquid Heat Earth And Ayr Frost And Fyr
Elymyntyl (3 books)
3.79 avg rating — 230 ratings

Shattered Stars Lethal Impact
Shattered Stars (2 books)
3.93 avg rating — 164 ratings

Soul Casting 101
Hellkitten Chronicles (1 book)
4.38 avg rating — 134 ratings

Assessing Survival
Mechanical Advantage (1 book)
4.23 avg rating — 129 ratings

Yule Be Mine Fire Wolf
Lost Warders (2 books)
3.77 avg rating — 142 ratings