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John Scalzi
361,054 ratings (average 4.00)
107 works

Old Man's War The Ghost Brigades The Last Colony Zoe's Tale The Human Division The End of All Things To Stand or Fall
Old Man's War (7 books)
4.08 avg rating — 225,247 ratings

The B-Team Walk the Plank We Only Need the Heads A Voice in the Wilderness Tales From the Clarke The Back Channel The Dog King
The Human Division (13 books)
4.06 avg rating — 38,361 ratings

Lock In
Lock In (2 books)
3.85 avg rating — 30,505 ratings

The Android's Dream
The Android's Dream (2 books)
3.95 avg rating — 11,681 ratings

Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded The Mallet of Loving Correc...
Whatever (2 books)
3.65 avg rating — 1,005 ratings