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Eve Langlais
Eve Langlais
120,892 ratings (average 3.92)
116 works

Bunny and the Bear Swan and the Bear Croc and the Fox Lion and the Falcon Doe and the Wolf
Furry United Coalition (5 books)
3.90 avg rating — 14,426 ratings

Delicate Freakn' Flower Jealous And Freakn' Already Freakn' Mated Human and Freakn' Jungle Freakn' Bride Freakn' Cougar Freakn' Out
Freakn' Shifters (7 books)
3.92 avg rating — 14,310 ratings

Accidental Abduction Intentional Abduction Dual Abduction Mercenary Abduction Heroic Abduction Holiday Abduction Reader Abduction
Alien Abduction (7 books)
3.91 avg rating — 11,671 ratings

A Demon and His Witch A Demon and His Psycho A Demon and Her Scot Hell's Kitty Hell's Geek Hell's Bells
Welcome to Hell (6 books)
4.11 avg rating — 10,666 ratings

Kodiak's Claim Outfoxed by Love Polar Bared Wolf's Capture Grizzly Love
Kodiak Point (5 books)
4.06 avg rating — 9,806 ratings

C791 F814 B785 Aramus Seth Adam Avion
Cyborgs: More Than Machines (7 books)
3.95 avg rating — 9,432 ratings

When an Alpha Purrs When a Beta Roars When an Omega Snaps A Tiger's Bride When a Lioness Snarls
A Lion's Pride (5 books)
3.96 avg rating — 8,460 ratings

Defying Pack Law Betraying the Pack Seeking Pack Redemption New Pack Order
Pack (4 books)
3.83 avg rating — 6,429 ratings

Lucifer's Daughter Snowballs in Hell Hell's Revenge Vacation Hell
Princess of Hell (4 books)
3.97 avg rating — 5,732 ratings

Alien Mate Alien Mate 2 Alien Mate 3
Alien Mate (3 books)
3.71 avg rating — 5,369 ratings

Croc's Return Panther's Claim Python's Embrace Gator's Challenge
Bitten Point (4 books)
4.02 avg rating — 2,430 ratings

Wizard's Chance The Hunter Chance's Game
The Realm (3 books)
3.86 avg rating — 1,101 ratings

My Secretary, My Mistress My Secretary, Her Fantasy
My Secretary (2 books)
3.25 avg rating — 444 ratings

Blood Countess (1 book)
3.87 avg rating — 342 ratings

Pirate Sinner Rebel King
Space Gypsy Chronicles (4 books)
4.33 avg rating — 3 ratings