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Jenn McKinlay
47,251 ratings (average 3.97)
35 works

Sprinkle with Murder Buttercream Bump Off Death by the Dozen Red Velvet Revenge Going, Going, Ganache Sugar and Iced Dark Chocolate Demise
(9 books)
4.01 avg rating — 19,633 ratings

Books Can Be Deceiving Due or Die Book, Line and Sinker Read It and Weep On Borrowed Time A Likely Story Better Late Than Never
(8 books)
3.92 avg rating — 17,043 ratings

Cloche and Dagger Death of a Mad Hatter At the Drop of a Hat Copy Cap Murder Assault & Beret
(5 books)
4.02 avg rating — 6,358 ratings

About a Dog Barking Up the Wrong Tree Every Dog Has His Day
(3 books)
3.82 avg rating — 379 ratings