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Robert Rankin
Robert Rankin
39,533 ratings (average 3.77)
52 works

The Antipope The Brentford Triangle East of Ealing The Sprouts of Wrath The Brentford Chainstore Ma... Sex and Drugs and Sausage R... Knees Up Mother Earth
Brentford (9 books)
3.85 avg rating — 13,353 ratings

The Hollow Chocolate Bunnie... The Toyminator
Eddie Bear (2 books)
3.74 avg rating — 7,782 ratings

Armageddon: The Musical They Came and Ate Us: Armag... The Suburban Book of the De...
Armageddon (3 books)
3.76 avg rating — 4,135 ratings

The Book of Ultimate Truths Raiders of the Lost Carpark The Most Amazing Man Who Ev... Toute la vérité, l'intégrale
Toute la vérité (4 books)
3.79 avg rating — 2,562 ratings

Sprout Mask Replica The Dance Of The Voodoo Han... Waiting for Godalming
Barking Mad Trilogy (3 books)
3.72 avg rating — 1,666 ratings

The Japanese Devil Fish Gir... The Mechanical Messiah and ... The Educated Ape and Other ... The Chickens of Atlantis an...
Japanese Devil Fish Girl (4 books)
3.71 avg rating — 918 ratings