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Tracie Peterson
87,856 ratings (average 4.00)
157 works

A Daughter's Inheritance An Unexpected Love A Surrendered Heart
The Broadmoor Legacy (3 books)
3.90 avg rating — 8,556 ratings

Land of My Heart The Coming Storm To Dream Anew The Hope Within
Heirs of Montana (4 books)
4.14 avg rating — 7,814 ratings

A Lady of High Regard A Lady of Hidden Intent A Lady of Secret Devotion
Ladies of Liberty (3 books)
3.98 avg rating — 7,609 ratings

Dawn's Prelude Morning's Refrain Twilight's Serenade
Song of Alaska (3 books)
4.08 avg rating — 6,129 ratings

Summer of the Midnight Sun Under the Northern Lights Whispers of Winter
Alaskan Quest (3 books)
4.05 avg rating — 6,047 ratings

Treasures of the North Ashes and Ice Rivers of Gold
Yukon Quest (3 books)
4.06 avg rating — 5,953 ratings

A Promise to Believe In A Love to Last Forever A Dream to Call My Own
Brides of Gallatin County (3 books)
4.12 avg rating — 5,455 ratings

Embers of Love Hearts Aglow Hope Rekindled
Striking a Match (3 books)
3.96 avg rating — 4,249 ratings

Chasing the Sun Touching the Sky Taming the Wind
Land of the Lone Star (3 books)
4.01 avg rating — 3,782 ratings

The Icecutter's Daughter The Quarryman's Bride The Miner's Lady
Land of Shining Water (3 books)
4.05 avg rating — 3,579 ratings

Daughter of the Loom A Fragile Design These Tangled Threads
Bells of Lowell (3 books)
3.95 avg rating — 2,989 ratings

Shadows of the Canyon Across the Years Beneath a Harvest Sky
Desert Roses (3 books)
3.93 avg rating — 2,556 ratings

City of Angels Angels Flight Angel of Mercy
The Trials of Kit Shannon (6 books)
4.04 avg rating — 2,475 ratings

A Tapestry of Hope A Love Woven True The Pattern of Her Heart
Lights of Lowell (3 books)
3.98 avg rating — 2,202 ratings

A Sensible Arrangement A Moment in Time A Matter of Heart
Lone Star Brides (3 books)
3.91 avg rating — 2,187 ratings

City of Angels Angels Flight Angel of Mercy
Shannon Saga (3 books)
4.03 avg rating — 1,983 ratings

To Have and to Hold To Love and Cherish To Honor and Trust
Bridal Veil Island (3 books)
3.70 avg rating — 1,577 ratings

A Shelter of Hope Hidden in a Whisper A Veiled Reflection
Westward Chronicles (3 books)
4.05 avg rating — 1,119 ratings

Steadfast Heart Refining Fire Love Everlasting
Brides of Seattle (3 books)
3.64 avg rating — 1,076 ratings

A Treasure Concealed A Beauty Refined A Love Transformed
Sapphire Brides (3 books)
4.16 avg rating — 289 ratings

The Heart's Calling Forever Yours Angel's Cause
New Mexico Sunset (4 books)
4.13 avg rating — 225 ratings

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