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William W. Johnstone
William W. Johnstone
33,709 ratings (average 4.14)
394 works

Out of the Ashes Fire in the Ashes Anarchy in the Ashes Blood in the Ashes Alone in the Ashes Wind in the Ashes Smoke from the Ashes
Ashes (34 books)
4.04 avg rating — 6,068 ratings

Eyes of Eagles Dreams of Eagles Talons of Eagles Scream of Eagles Rage of Eagles Song of Eagles Cry of Eagles
Eagles (18 books)
4.26 avg rating — 1,483 ratings

A Lone Star Christmas A Rocky Mountain Christmas A Big Sky Christmas A Frontier Christmas A Texas Hill Country Christmas A Colorado Christmas
Christmas (6 books)
4.10 avg rating — 1,039 ratings

The Family Jensen Helltown Massacre The Violent Land Hard Ride to Hell Massacre Canyon Brotherhood of Evil
The Family Jensen (6 books)
4.28 avg rating — 831 ratings

The Devil's Kiss The Devil's Heart The Devil's Touch The Devil's Cat The Devil's Laughter
The Devil (5 books)
3.88 avg rating — 756 ratings

MacCallister The Killing Dry Gulch Ambush Kill Crazy Kingdom Come Ten Guns From Texas
MacCallister: The Eagles Legacy (6 books)
4.25 avg rating — 541 ratings

Sidewinders Massacre at Whiskey Flats Cutthroat Canyon Mankiller, Colorado Deadwood Gulch Texas Bloodshed The Butcher of Bear Creek
Sidewinders (8 books)
4.13 avg rating — 551 ratings

Luke Jensen, Bounty Hunter Dead Shot Bloody Sunday Bad Men Die Death Rides Alone
Luke Jensen: Bounty Hunter (5 books)
4.23 avg rating — 524 ratings

Phoenix Rising Firebase Freedom Day of Judgment
Phoenix Rising (3 books)
3.90 avg rating — 345 ratings

Blood Valley Six Ways from Sunday Savage Guns Massacre Mountain Wyoming Slaughter Support Your Local Deputy
Cotton Pickens (6 books)
3.99 avg rating — 329 ratings

The Brothers O'Brien Shadow of the Hangman Last Man Standing A Time to Slaughter The Killing Season The Law of Violence
The Brothers O'Brien (6 books)
4.06 avg rating — 319 ratings

Flintlock Gut-Shot Kill or Die A Time For Vultures
Flintlock (4 books)
3.84 avg rating — 290 ratings

The Last of the Dog Team The Return of the Dog Team Revenge of the Dog Team Target Response
Dog Team (4 books)
4.02 avg rating — 248 ratings

Town Tamer Manslaughter Better off Dead
Shawn O'Brien (3 books)
3.91 avg rating — 255 ratings

Savage Texas A Good Day to Die The Stampeders Rebel Yell
Savage Texas (4 books)
4.06 avg rating — 227 ratings

Winchester 1886 Winchester 1887
Winchester (2 books)
4.07 avg rating — 219 ratings

Sixkiller, U.S. Marshal Day of Rage Eight Hours to Die The Hour of Death Blood for Blood Dead Man Walking
Sixkiller: US Marshal (6 books)
4.16 avg rating — 212 ratings

Cat's Cradle Cat's Eye
Cat (2 books)
3.85 avg rating — 220 ratings

A Town Called Fury Hard Country Judgment Day Redemption
A Town Called Fury (4 books)
really liked it 4.00 avg rating — 210 ratings

The Kerrigans: A Texas Dynasty The Lawless Journey into Violence
The Kerrigans: A Texas Dynasty (3 books)
4.16 avg rating — 183 ratings

Code Name: Payback Code Name: Survival Code Name: Death Code Name: Coldfire Code Name: Quickstrike Code Name: Extreme Prejudice Code Name: Kill Zone
Code Name (7 books)
3.96 avg rating — 181 ratings

Those Jensen Boys! Rimfire
Those Jensen Boys (2 books)
3.98 avg rating — 174 ratings

Invasion USA Border War
Invasion USA (2 books)
4.04 avg rating — 159 ratings

Smoke Jensen: The Beginning This Violent Land
Smoke Jensen (2 books)
4.23 avg rating — 137 ratings

Hunted Prey
Ransom (2 books)
4.31 avg rating — 125 ratings

Forty Times a Killer! : A N... A Dangerous Man: A Novel of...
Bad Men of the West (2 books)
3.83 avg rating — 118 ratings

Rig Warrior Wheels of Death Eighteen-Wheel Avenger
Rig Warrior (3 books)
4.14 avg rating — 88 ratings

The Last Rebel (1 book)
3.98 avg rating — 49 ratings

Texas John Slaughter Deadly Day in Tombstone The Edge of Hell
Texas John Slaughter (3 books)
4.22 avg rating — 23 ratings

Hell's Half Acre
Hell's Half Acre (3 books)
3.67 avg rating — 24 ratings

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