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Bill Myers
Bill Myers
11,800 ratings (average 3.93)
168 works

The Society The Deceived The Spell The Haunting The Guardian The Encounter The Curse
Forbidden Doors (12 books)
4.033413606261289 of 5 stars 4.03 avg rating — 3,322 ratings

My Life as a Smashed Burrito My Life as Alien Monster Bait My Life as a Broken Bungee ... My Life as Crocodile Junk Food My Life as Dinosaur Dental ... My Life as a Torpedo Test T... My Life as a Human Hockey Puck
The Incredible Worlds of Wally McDoogle (27 books)
3.7525195968645018 of 5 stars 3.75 avg rating — 2,679 ratings

Blood of Heaven Threshold Fire of Heaven
Fire of Heaven (3 books)
3.9187979539641944 of 5 stars 3.92 avg rating — 1,564 ratings

The Portal The Experiment The Whirlwind The Tablet
Journeys to Fayrah (4 books)
4.115068493150685 of 5 stars 4.12 avg rating — 365 ratings

The Ghost of KRZY The Mystery of the Invisibl... Phantom of the Haunted Church Invasion of the UFOs Fangs for the Memories Case of the Missing Minds The Secret of the Ghostly H...
Bloodhounds, Inc. (12 books)
3.8067632850241546 of 5 stars 3.81 avg rating — 207 ratings

On the Run The Enemy Closes In Trapped by Shadows The Chamber of Lies
The Elijah Project (4 books)
4.114130434782608 of 5 stars 4.11 avg rating — 184 ratings

New Kid Catastrophes Aaaargh!!! OOPS! Ho-Ho-Nooo! Switched! Yikes!!!
T.J. and the Time Stumblers (6 books)
4.005780346820809 of 5 stars 4.01 avg rating — 173 ratings

The Case of the Giggling Geeks The Case of the Chewable Worms The Case of the Flying Toen... The Case of the Drooling Di... The Case of the Hiccupping ... The Case of the Yodeling Tu...
Secret Agent Dingledorf and His Trusty Dog SPLAT (6 books)
4.014705882352941 of 5 stars 4.01 avg rating — 68 ratings

The Big Lie A Star In The Breaking The Not-So-Great Escape Skate Expectations Twister & Shout Back to the Drawing Board Do the Bright Thing
McGee and Me! (12 books)
3.7142857142857144 of 5 stars 3.71 avg rating — 70 ratings