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Max Allan Collins
Max Allan Collins
57,371 ratings (average 3.78)
421 works

Double Dealer Sin City Cold Burn Body of Evidence Grave Matters Binding Ties Killing Game
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (18 books)
3.72 avg rating — 7,375 ratings

Supreme Justice Fate of the Union
Reeder and Rogers (2 books)
3.76 avg rating — 6,556 ratings

True Detective True Crime The Million Dollar Wound Neon Mirage Stolen Away Carnal Hours Blood and Thunder
Nathan Heller (16 books)
3.94 avg rating — 5,763 ratings

Quarry Quarry's List Quarry's Deal Quarry's Cut Primary Target Quarry's Greatest Hits The Last Quarry
Quarry (13 books)
3.86 avg rating — 4,281 ratings

Road to Perdition Road to Perdition 2: On the... Road to Purgatory Road to Paradise Return to Perdition
Road to Perdition (5 books)
3.80 avg rating — 2,409 ratings

The Titanic Murders The Hindenburg Murders The Pearl Harbor Murders The Lusitania Murders The London Blitz Murders The War of the Worlds Murder
Disaster (6 books)
3.65 avg rating — 1,901 ratings

Before the Dawn Skin Game After the Dark
Dark Angel (3 books)
3.55 avg rating — 1,889 ratings

Jump Cut Killer Profile Finishing School
Criminal Minds (3 books)
3.86 avg rating — 1,662 ratings

Bones Buried Deep
Bones (1 book)
3.79 avg rating — 1,675 ratings

Florida Getaway CSI Miami: Heat Wave
CSI: Miami (8 books)
3.75 avg rating — 1,578 ratings

True Detective
Frank Nitti (1 book)
3.90 avg rating — 1,246 ratings

You Can't Stop Me No One Will Hear You
You Can't Stop Me (2 books)
3.70 avg rating — 981 ratings

Bye Bye, Baby Target Lancer Ask Not
Kennedy Trilogy (3 books)
3.91 avg rating — 622 ratings

The Baby Blue Rip-Off No Cure for Death Kill Your Darlings A Shroud for Aquarius Nice Weekend For A Murder
Mallory (5 books)
3.47 avg rating — 616 ratings

A Killing in Comics Strip for Murder Seduction of the Innocent
Jack & Maggie Starr (3 books)
3.60 avg rating — 452 ratings

Bait Money Blood Money Fly Paper Hush Money Hard Cash Scratch Fever Spree
Nolan (9 books)
3.81 avg rating — 421 ratings

CSI: Serial CSI: Bad Rap CSI: Demon House
CSI, Graphic Novel (6 books)
3.73 avg rating — 404 ratings

The Dark City Butcher's Dozen Bullet Proof Murder by the Numbers: Elio...
Eliot Ness (4 books)
4.01 avg rating — 152 ratings

Oasis Sanctuary Detour
On the Road to Perdition (3 books)
3.51 avg rating — 124 ratings

Dick Tracy: The Collins Cas... Dick Tracy: The Collins Cas... Dick Tracy: The Collins Cas... Dick Tracy: The Collins Cas...
Dick Tracy: The Collins Case Files (4 books)
3.98 avg rating — 41 ratings

Mommy Mommy's Day
Mommy (2 books)
3.24 avg rating — 50 ratings

Blue Beginning Blue Blood
NYPD Blue (2 books)
3.27 avg rating — 26 ratings