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The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan
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Mar 06, 15

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Can you think of how to outdo the first book? Just think about it, in the first, Percy saved Zeus and Poseidon from being at war and involving all the other gods to take sides, therefore saving the world from WWIII. So how exactly do you out trump that? Well Percy and his friends have to find a way to save camp half-blood (the only place Percy has ever felt really at home) by finding the golden fleece in the most dangerous waters known to man and hero alike, the Bermuda triangle. I'd say that could make things interesting.

And it certainly did. Instead of running across America they have to sail into the Atlantic. There are new monsters, new friends, and some old/new enemies. Percy is still his sarcastic funny self and he never fails to see the irony in everything. One thing that he has learned from his first quest is that if it feels wrong than it usually is, but somehow he and his company just can't seem to avoid trouble.

I liked that it seemed to have all the elements in the first that I enjoyed; such as the fast pace, humor, friendships, and of course discovering more about the world of gods and heroes. It’s a fun read and not any less satisfying than the first. You see a more ominous horizon approaching, I just hope things don’t get too serious too soon. There are three more books left after all.
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message 1: by Frannyhaha (new) - added it

Frannyhaha Just about to read sea of monsters thanks this review was very helpful

Valerie No problem Frannyhaha, I'm glad it helped.

Bruce Lasher I agree with what you're saying here. I like how the plot does not take long to begin, and it is an exciting one. There are many adventures awaiting Percy when he is called upon to save Grover and Camp Half-Blood.
However, sometimes I feel like Percy has not learned from his previous mistakes. Every time he feels that something is a trap, he still goes for it. And also the irony and "witty" humor is just too much.
Overall this was a good book and enjoyed reading it.

Bruce Lasher I agree with what you're saying here. There are so many possibilities when writing about a boy being called upon to save his best friend, and his favorite place in the world. Not only that, but he must also fight many monsters in doing so.
Riordan's writing style is good: he gets right to the story, and he does not waste time writing about unnecessary details, but he is still able to give a vivid description of what is happening. I also have a big interest in Greek Mythology, and I like how Riordan mixed this with 21st century society.
However, sometimes I feel like Percy is not "real" because he cannot learn from his mistakes. Every time he thinks to himself "Hey, this might be a trap", he still goes for it! And guess what? It's a trap! And the humor in the novel sometimes does not feel natural, like Riordan just wanted to shove it in the story.
Overall it was a good story, and it appealed to just what I was looking for.

Valerie I'm glad you enjoyed the book Bruce. I agreed with you that it takes a while for Percy to learn from his mistakes. I don't know if you have read the other books but he does eventually realize that his instincts are usually right. Now if he avoids these traps is a whole other story.
Now if the story is funny I have to disagree. I will admit that not everything makes me laugh. The later books are a tad more somber, but I really do like the humor in these books. It's one of the reasons I keep reading the series.

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