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Kingdom Come by Mark Waid
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Dec 05, 2007

it was amazing
Read in January, 1997

Possibly the best comic ever written. The artwork alone makes this a joy to look at but the story goes into just what really makes a hero.

Kingdom Come takes place in an alternate future. Superman, and most of the Golden Age heroes, have retired or gone underground. Other heroes, new heroes, who were willing to seek street justice were chosen by the masses. Why keep locking up criminals who later escape when a metahuman (person with super powers) could kill the bad guy and solve the problem permanently. It all comes to a head when a meta named Agog kills the Joker, who gassed the Daily Planet and thusly killed Lois Lane and the rest of the Planet staff. The people of Metropolis see Agog as the new and necessary hero for modern times. As such, these wreckless new metas wreak havoc upon the land. By some standards, they're just kids with guns running amok and causing more harm than good. And then the unthinkable happens. Agog and a few other metas chase after The Parasite, an old enemy of Superman's. They chase him to Kansas and one of the heroes, Captain Atom, gets his containment suit damaged which essentially nukes Kansas and a good portion of America's heartland. 6 million people die and the agricultural lands are in ruin, bringing the question of how the nation, as well as the rest of the world, will battle hunger. At this point, Superman and the rest had been out of sight for fifteen years.

Upon hearing the news, Wonder Woman seeks out Superman at his Fotress of Solitude and begs him to return and make the world right again. Sure, other heroes exist, but none carry the sway that Superman does. And so, like angels do the old heroes descend from the heavens to right wrongs and bring the new breed of heroes to heel. The Justice League reforms and Superman's crew goes out trying to turn the new breed into joining the league or being detained. A jail of sorts is built in the ruins of Kansas to house those metas who will not change. Unfortunately, Lex Luthor and co. are still around and seek the destruction of all metas. It is apparent that humans no longer control their own destiny as metas do what they wish. He forms an unlikely alliance with Bruce Wayne (Batman) and they seek to stop the Justice League. But even with all their weapons and trickery, how can they defeat Superman? It turns out that Luthor's personal assistant is none other than Billy Batson, the young man who can turn in to Captain Marvel, who is the only metahuman/demigod that could rival Superman's own abilities. It all comes down to a huge battle in Kansas as the fate of mankind is decided in bloody combat.
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