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Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
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Review added Feb 2014.

It's difficult to express why I find Austen not only enjoyable but important in an environment where calling her romcom or shallow is seen as a shortcut to asserting one's literary sophistication. But here's my latest try. I think Austen tackles the same "big" themes that procure synchronised head nodding from everyone who considers himself a literary connoisseur - social hierarchies and ensuing power differentials, the tension between form and substance in people and social interaction, the internal struggle between desire and duty, inner worlds versus outer structures, an incisive analysis of social climbing as both ambition and necessity and posing the question of the acceptable balance between them - but she looks at them from the perspective of the domestic sphere, which is decidedly female, and most people have trouble seeing anything but "frivolous and unimportant" in that label.
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