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Hana's Suitcase by Karen Levine
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Apr 23, 2010

it was amazing

this is another amazing book because is also about the holocaust and is starts when a suitcase arrives at a japenese museum and many japenese kids were interested in the suitcase. this suitcase had a name printed on it. hana brady and she was a jew and all of those japenese kids wanted to know everuthing about her so fumiko the director of the museum promise them that she is going to do everyhting she can to find out about hana and her life. she starts sending letters to all the museums in the world to see if she finds something but nothing. hana was a young girl who lived with her mom and dad, she had a brother named george brady they were very connected and they loved eachother. their parents worked six days a week in a store and sometimes hana and george helped her out. their life was great until the nazis arrived and chance everything they were many things that they loved to do that were restricted evry place they liked to go they couldn't be there. they were forced to wear a star that said jude on it. they end up losing all their friends and when they were home they got very board until george had and idea to write all the things they missnand all the things they didn't like and when they were done they rolled the paper and put it in a bottle then they made a hole in the backyard and hide it there.couple days later, some officials came and took her mom away it was so sad for them not to have their mom with them, she wrote them and send them gifts made of bread. then later their father was taken away so they had to go and live with their uncle and aunt but one day they got a letter that they were going to take hana and george away and they were taking them to a concentration cam. they were boken apart their whole family exept george and hana who were in the same camp.
if you want to know what happen to them you need to read the book and see if fumiko finds what she needs.

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