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All or Nothing by James Buchanan
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James is one of my fave authors at the moment. I devoured this ebook in two nights - just had to keep reading to see what happened. I loved how Nicky stayed true to himself, but still managed to be exactly the support that Brandon needed. The story was sexy, angsty, beautiful and kept me wanting more. I didn't think I could be in love with Nicky and the series more than I was before, but I am.
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message 1: by Betryal (new) - added it

Betryal Was it that good? I seriously enjoyed the first 2 and can't wait to get a start on this one. Just picked it up.

Karen K I loved the first two and I'm not sure if I'm biased or obsessed or what, but I just loved this one (was up until 3 am finishing it) ... then again, I have a major crush on Nicky. The circumstances are so different in this book than the other two - it just makes it so fresh. But like I said ... Nicky=love - so don't blame me if you don't love it. :P

message 3: by Betryal (new) - added it

Betryal No you're not obsessed at all. I have the first one in hardcover and it was brilliant, then Inland Empire came out and I was crescent over them. So when I got wind of there being a third I was so hyped I almost turned myself inside out over it and couldn't wait. Now all I hope is this one is just as damn good and I'm not disappointed. :biting nails:

Karen K You get to see both the boys in a totally different light, handling completely different things than the first two books. I have the first in paperback, couldn't wait for the second to come in print so got it in ebook, then bought the print version anyhow. Will do the same with this one. :P
Sooo ... hurry up and read it so we can talk. XD

message 5: by Betryal (new) - added it

Betryal LOL I still have a book on the go at the moment so I really need to peg that one into the ground first and get it done. I'd set it aside but I have a bad habit of leaving many aside unfinished to go back and finish them later and I'm trying to break the narsty habit. The second I also have in ebook. The first was a gift in hardcover so I couldn't really say now could I?

Deanna Karen do you know if this is the final Nicky & Brandon book or will there be another?

Karen K Deanna wrote: "Karen do you know if this is the final Nicky & Brandon book or will there be another?"

I read on James' LJ that this might be the last ... I'm really hoping it's not though. The ending just calls out for one more. :P

Deanna I feel like a kid begging, Just one more, pretty please with a cherry on top? lol

Carnell Just finished this series today. It was awesome!!
So sad that it was the last book. :(

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