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First Impressions by Nora Roberts
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Apr 22, 10

bookshelves: 2007
Read in February, 2007

Shane Abbott has inherited her great-grandmother's house and decides to turn part of it into a combination antique store/museum. The house needs a lot of work and she decides to hire her next door neighbor, Vance Banning, to do the work because she thinks he is a carpenter. Initially Vance tries to avoid Shane, but there's an attraction between the two of them he can't resist and he reluctantly agrees to help. Vance is increasingly attracted to Shane and she makes it clear that she is attracted to him, but Vance has been keeping some secrets from Shane and wonders how he can tell her the truth about himself and his past. As Shane wonders what is going on with Vance, her less than loving mother reappears in her life and further threatens the relationship between Vance and Shane. Vance can only hope that the love between the two of them will hold up through all their troubles.

"First Impressions" was the first book by Nora Roberts that I've read and, while it had it's moments, I didn't really like it. Shane is a spunky enough heroine, determined to make a success of her new business. She's a well-developed and well-written character, a bit flawed but lovable, especially with her tendency to giggle at the wrong time. But Vance is not well developed at all. Roberts tries, but Vance's struggles with his business success aren't very compelling. Shane's mother, Anne, has no redeeming qualities at all. She's a cardboard character and comes across like a villain in a Disney cartoon. The romance between Vance and Shane moves quickly, too quickly; within a week of meeting him Shane says she's in love with Vance and going to marry him. There's a nice scene in the book when Shane's car gets stuck in the mud and Vance helps her to get it out. It was funny and romantic and the book could have used more scenes like that. The final conflict between Vance and Shane is too contrived as Vance had plenty of time and opportunities to tell Shane about himself.

"First Impressions" was not very impressive.

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