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The Wishsong of Shannara by Terry Brooks
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Apr 22, 2010

really liked it

** spoiler alert ** My personal favorite in Brooks' original trilogy, Wishsong shows an evolution in the authors writing. I've often been surprised by the lack of interest this books generates in comparison to it's predecessors. For sure, this book is no where near the standards of Brooks' later works, but it's still a fascinating read with a more complex brood of character than what Brooks had written in his first two works. After reading some reviews on this site I was shocked to find just how many people thought that this book did not live up to Swords of Elfstones, or that Brin and Jair were boring characters. But then I suppose it all comes down to personal prefference. Afterall, one of the greatest things about living a free-thinking existance is that you may choose to say what you feel and you may choose to discard anything views that don't agree with you're personal opinion.
Plotwise, I felt that Wishsong was deeper than Elfstones and Swords. Swords used a very,very commonly used plot which Brooks attempted to change with interesting characters. In some ways, I think he suceeded. But the fact remains, you can pick up almost any Epic fantasy written after Tolkien and find the exact same plot being used in one way or another. Elfstones showed Brooks' first steps away from that comfortable go-to plot as he developed his personal mythos. Wishsong was a nice closure to the trilogy. Brin and Jair's isues during the book were in my mind more compelling than Will and Amberle's. Because really, there's was a love that blossomed rather quickly leaving me with very little appreciation for their romantic struggles and journeys. Brin and Jair had spent a lifetime together, and their close bond was showcased very well in the book which made the climax all the more appealing. Allanon, a character I felt was almost too unforgivingly Gandalf in prior books gained new depth in Wishong. He gained frailty, fear, and clear sense of mortality. For the first time the striggle of the Druids that would become a strong theme of the next few series became real.
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