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Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews
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Jul 04, 10

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Read from July 01 to 04, 2010 — I own a copy, read count: 1

I finished Magic Burns this morning. Yes, I did like the book; I gave it 4 stars. But up until last night, I didn't understand why everyone was raving about this book. Then I got to the good parts.

Magic Burns started off slowly for me. It's been about 2 months since I read Magic Bites, so it took me a while to settle into the book. At times, I felt lost and I needed to reread sections. But as I got used to Ilona Andrew's dark version of Atlanta, a city destroyed by waves of magic, I began to see the appeal.

Suddenly, the book clicked for me and I was drawn into the action. And the action does not stop. Kate is constantly fighting scary creatures like the reeves. And when she is not fighting scary creatures, she is verbally sparring with Curran, the Beast Lord. There is some very clever dialogue between Kate and Curran. Excellent possibilities here, I would hope.

In this installment, Kate has changed. Yes, she is still snarky. She still speaks before she thinks. Kate has matured. She took on the responsibility for the care of Julie, a young girl abandonned by her mother. "Mama Bear" Kate is a force to be reckoned with. This is a very different side of Kate, one which made her more human and likeable.

I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series.
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Quotes AH Liked

Ilona Andrews
“Not only will you sleep with me, but you will say 'please.'"
I stared at him, shocked.
The smile widened. "You will say 'please' before and 'thank you' after."
Nervous laughter bubbled up. "You've gone insane. All that peroxide in your hair finally did your brain in, Goldilocks.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Burns

Ilona Andrews
“He said 'woman' in the same way I'd say 'Mmmm, yummy chocolate.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Burns

Ilona Andrews
“He put the book down. “As you wish.” He rose and walked past me. I lowered my sword, expecting him to pass, but suddenly he stepped in dangerously close. “Welcome home. I’m glad you made it. There is coffee in the kitchen for you.”
My mouth gaped open.
He inhaled my scent, bent close, about to kiss me…
I just stood there like an idiot.
Curran smirked and whispered in my ear instead. “Psych.”
And just like that, he was out the door and gone.
Oh boy.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Burns

Reading Progress

07/02/2010 page 34
13.0% "Settling back in, it's been a while since I read the 1st book. Waves of magic wash over...." 11 comments
07/02/2010 page 85
31.0% "Here kitty kitty...No Curran yet..."
07/03/2010 page 107
39.0% "I was midway down to the first floor when it finally hit me: I had just told the alpha of all shapeshifters that hell would freeze over before I got into his bed. Not only had I just kissed any cooperation from the Pack good-bye, but I had also challenged him."
07/03/2010 page 142
52.0% "A Gorgon Medusa mask. My quip about Medusas in the Honeycomb Gap was coming true. Me and my big mouth. Next time I would imagine a warehouse full of fluffy bunnies instead."
07/03/2010 page 182
67.0% "You don't cause problems. An unpiloted vampire causes problems. You cause catastrophes." 5 comments

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Greta is Erikasbuddy HAHAS!! That answers that question!! I'm off to go get my copy :)

Greta is Erikasbuddy I think Curran should get his own series. THen I would be happy ;)

Greta is Erikasbuddy OH OH OH!! And I want one book about BRAN

message 4: by AH (new) - rated it 4 stars

AH There's a book about Bran?

Greta is Erikasbuddy Oh noes :) I just want one ;) I think that would be interesting ;) I want a book about BRAN (just one) and a series about Curran ;). Now, I just have to talk the author into writing them for me

message 6: by AH (new) - rated it 4 stars

AH She has stuff on her website. I haven't looked at it yet because I don't want spoilers.

Greta is Erikasbuddy No ways! THat's awesome!

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