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Gone by Michael  Grant
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Apr 20, 2010

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bookshelves: dystopian-apocalyptic, fantasy, young-adult
Read in April, 2010

I picked up Gone because it has been described by many like a young version of Stephen King's The Stand. The Stand is one of my favorite books ever, so I wanted to see how true that statement was. Having read the book, I definitely think that comparing it to The Stand is over-exaggerating Gone. It was good, but it was nowhere near the excellence that is The Stand. Still, it was very enjoyable.

Gone is basically about the world gone awry. Every person over the age of 14 suddenly just poofs. In a world where there are no adults, you have kids trying to run the FAYZ and a handful of them are either murderous psychos or evil kids hell-bent on gaining power and then you have the heroes who are trying to save the FAYZ. It's a pretty standard plot.

Gone is an extremely fast-paced thriller and due to this, it was a page-turner. Considering that this book was 500+ pages, that was really a must for me. The main character was likeable enough, but I didn't really care for much of the characters except for Edilio, Lana, and Patrick. I did love the idea of an alternate universe and looking into how kids would cope in a society with no order or rules. In fact, my favorite parts of Gone were when the kids reached a new hurdle and kept questioning how they would survive.

However, my main gripe with this novel is that I invested 500+ pages in this and none of my questions were answered. I don't care that this book has no closure, but it seems like this book was written with the clear intention of a sequel and if I don't want to read the sequel, I'm basically screwed because I'm going to have no idea what happened. Also, the romance between Sam/Astrid was highly improbable. I don't care what circumstances you're in. No 14-year-old is going to fall in love with someone they've only known well for a week. A lot of the characters also seemed to fall into their stereotypes. You have the hero: Sam, the pretty, brainy girl: Astrid, the little brother: Petey, the sidekick you can't really trust: Quinn, the power-hungry villain: Caine, and the beautiful bad girl: Diane. These characters were anything but original. The book was also way too long. It should've been at least 100 pages shorter, especially the author wasn't going to solve anything.

Anyway, while I did like Gone quite a bit, I felt that its flaws were too much to overlook. Plus, I'm still pissed at the whole 500 pages and no resolution thing. Maybe I'll pick up the next one in a while, but not anytime soon. So, while Gone is recommended, I definitely suggest you don't read it unless you want to devote yourself to reading the other 5 of this planned series.
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