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Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk
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There's something vexing about reading a novel where at any moment the narrator, in this case Allie, will lose a memory. Its one thing to second guess a memory, but whenever Allie would lose a memory completely--of something happened only chapters before--and then do the exact opposite of what she should have done (if she had kept the memory) I wanted to tear my hair out. We're not talking minor things, but entire relationships or traumas are just...gone suddenly after she uses magic. Half the time she had to be brought up to speed. Ever see the movie 50 First Dates with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler? It was very much like that movie (and equally as frustrating) at times.

That all being said, its really more only criticism with the novel. I really, really liked Allie. Jaded, cynical and kind of scary violent she may be--but she had a charm to herself. The sort of charm that makes a person know she'll have your back and makes you want to keep knowing her if you can. She took no crap, but didn't go picking fights unnecessarily. She's understandably wary of people, after what her dad did (and still tries to do several times)you can't fault her at all.

I wasn't as keen on 'Mama' and her boys however. She seemed much more of the take take take sort and only grudgingly gave back what she thought the person (in this case Allie) deserved. She wanted Allie's help at the drop of a hat, but lord forbid if Allie asked her questions or gave her advice. I don't get on with people who act like that and I definitely wasn't feeling all this warmth that Allie seemed to feel for Mama.

The story is broken up at times by chapters from a guy named 'Cody's perspective. From his POV you get a sense of what's happening in the case that Allie is investigating, but he has a very simplistic view on life. He's not in control, someone else controls him, and I felt so bad for him. He tried so hard at times and things didn't always work out so well for him.

Alle's love interest, Zayvion Jones, just got more and more interesting as the story progressed. He went from hired 'stalker' to reluctant helper to caring for Allie and then...mystery man incarnate. Allie says he has a 'Zen face', the perfect poker face, but he cracks often enough around her that you can get glimpses of what he feels. I want to know more. I want to see more, especially after everything that goes down in the last couple of chapters.

This is an intriguing start to a new urban fantasy series (to me at least, Book 4 is due out in about a month or so) and I look forward to picking up the second book Magic in the Blood and seeing how things...fare for Allie and Zayvion and the world at large.
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