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Chill Factor by Rachel Caine
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May 09, 10

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Read from May 08 to 09, 2010 — I own a copy

** spoiler alert ** I finally managed to find a copy of this yesterday after looking since I finished the last one. It was a rather interesting read, a solid continuation of the story. I did start reading with a few expectations though. I was expecting that Jo would once again do something completely stupid for the right reason. She did. I expected that either she or David would need to be rescued from something. They both did. I expected Rahel to stay dead (?), though this would have made me sad. She did not, the way that she was brought back made me laugh. I was not expecting all the exposition on Jo's personal history or that the warden leadership would turn out to be as big a jerks as the end lead me to believe. The part where Jo got to walk out tells me maybe.

There are a few issues I have with the book. Jonathan, for example, cannot seem to make up his mind as to whether he wants to help Jo and David, or kill her and lock him up until he gets over it. He threatens her, gets tossed around a bit, attacked and partly eaten, lets the main characters win, and then leaves his best friend behind knowing that he could save his existence. The reveal for the bad guy seemed a little trite, but was pulled off well enough to be completely awesome. The Ma'at are hard to like. Including Lewis, who seems to have either a messiah complex or just doesn't realize that he is as faliable and human as any of the other wardens. These problems will probably be covered in later books, but at the moment they bother me.

In one way or another, all of the characters except maybe Marion are painfully stupid. In Kevin, this is a defining character trait. In Jo it's more of a driving force, she knows that at some point she's going to get herself perma-killed, it hasn't happened yet though so she's gonna go save the world. David is a bit dense, a bit controlling, and sweetly well meaning all at the same time. His idiocy comes from trying to use common sense with Joanne and then using underhanded tricks to try to protect her. The subterfuge used to try and make all the various deus ex machina seem less so, and the utter ridiculousness of some of the methods used to get things done made me want to slap about half of the entire cast starting with the more powerful beings present and moving down the row.

That said, the story and its telling really work. Caine takes a less that overpowered main character, makes her a fashionable smart ass, makes her know when she's being an idiot, and proceeds to make her learn how to cope either through experience or with semi serious injuries. Rahel's revival gives the reader hope for David while also bringing back one of the more likable djinn, the change in appearance giving possible hint to a change in story importance and making her new different-ness more obvious. Marion becoming less of a scary surgeon of doom and more of an understanding comrade was unexpected but goes a long way towards making her understandable as a character. The mix of flash backs and forwards was a little jarring and caused Jo to seem (understandably) very much the broken bird this time around. Over all, I give the book four out of five. Not because it is the best thing I've read, but because it moved the story along and provided me with a solid day's worth of entertainment.

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