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Dec 01, 10

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Recommended for: Fans of romantic suspense featuring a scarred hero
Read from November 25 to December 01, 2010

Terrific book! But do yourself a favor before you start this book--read the prequel ("Taken To The Edge") available on the author's website first ( makes this book soooo much better. I don't know why it wasn't included in the book (publisher's/editor's decision, story length criteria?) since it helps tremendously to establish the relationship between the H/h. After I read that emotional and waaay sexy prequel (thank you to all the GR reviewers who mentioned it!) I was hooked and halfway in love with the characters!

This is the first book in RSC's new romantic suspense series called "The Guardian Angelinos". The "Angelinos" are 31 yr-old twins Vivi and Zaccaria ("Zach"), formerly of Naples, Italy. Orphaned at a young age, they were sent to live with their mother's relatives, the Rossis of the Boston, Mass. area. There's five Rossi cousins that they grew up with: JP, Marc, Gabe, Nicki, and Chessie, (Aunt Fran and Uncle Jim's children), and great Uncle Nino (the Rossi's grandfather) is the family patriarch. Roxanne St. Claire does a terrific job setting up the background of all the characters (and their idiosnycrasies) and the family dynamic--never once was I confused or trying to connect-the-dots.

From the author’s website… Zach

The story begins three years after the prequel. In the prologue, the hero (Drop-dead-gorgeous Army Ranger Zach Angelino) is heading off to Iraq in 3 weeks, (his third tour of duty) and currently staying with his twin, investigative reporter Vivi, at her Boston area apartment. Vivi's having a party--she wants her upstairs neighbor and friend, blonde blue-eyed advertising exec, the beautiful Samantha Fairchild to come to the party and meet her brother. Something tells her they'd hit it off. Well they do, in an extremely hot, intense way. Plenty of hot dialogue and smokin' action in that prequel! They spend most of the next three weeks together (the majority of it in bed). Sam's in love, and she tells Zach the day he's heading off to war. But Zach has no response--he's shut down. Allowing someone to love him just leads to heartbreak. Besides, he's heading off to war and the unknown--Sammi deserves more than waiting for a guy who may never return. So even though his heart is breaking with love for 'Sammi', he makes no promises.

Zach and Sam

Fast forward about three years. Sam is no longer in the advertising business. Due to a life changing event from her past, she's decided on a career change, and is about to attend Harvard law school. She's working at an upscale Boston restaurant for the summer and witnesses a murder of a prominant newspaper columnist in the restaurant's wine cellar. The killer takes a videotape from a security camera, and Sam's picture is on that tape. The local police are less than straightforward with her and have no plans to protect their star witness (Sam has some credibility problems due to a murder she witnessed as a teen where she helped to convict an innocent man, and a couple of policemen lost their jobs due to a bungled investigation). She needs some answers that the police won't give her--is her life in danger? She thinks that her former friend Vivi, who is investigating the murder for her newspaper, may be able to get the answers for her. Sam arrives on Vivi's doorstep and is stunned to see her lost love, Zach, waiting for her. Zach is now scarred and disfigured, and he never got over the worst mistake he made in his life--letting Sammi go. But how can he expect her to want him again, especially the way he looks?

To make a long story short--Vivi, who wants to open her own private security company, convinces Sam to be her company's first client, and to let Zach be her bodyguard, while she investigates the murder of the columnist. The rest of the story finds Zach and Sam getting 'reacquanted', running from a murderer who doesn't want any witnesses left behind, interacting with Zach's extended family, dealing with Zach's survivor's guilt, and helping to investigate who's behind the murder and why. There's plenty of action, a few twists and turns in the plot, and lots of time (and a couple of steamy interludes) for Zach and Sam to realize that they belong together--forever.

I loved Sam and Zach. And Vivi and Uncle Nino. And Gabe and Marc. And Chessie, Nicki, and even pain-in-the-butt JP! I loved the whole extended Rossi family! I thought RSC did an excellent job describing all the characters and the Boston area setting. I even loved her descriptions of Uncle Nino's food! I loved the special relationship the Zach and Uncle Nino shared. I felt that wise Uncle Nino really looked out for him and understood him like a father would. He knew that Zach never felt like he belonged, and he was sensitive to those feelings. And he knew that Sam was the best thing that could ever happen for Zach, and encouraged and nurtured the relationship. While Zach started out with just a little bit too much self-pity, after what he went through, I could hardly blame him. But I liked that he didn't wear that self-pity through the whole book. Once Sam convinced him that his looks didn't bother her, I was glad to see that he didn't dwell on them but focused on winning her back and convincing her that what they had was real.

Sam was a wonderful heroine. Strong, smart, brave, beautiful, and forgiving-- the kind of girl who you'd enjoy being friends with. And her chemistry with Zach? Off the charts. This couple was made for each other--RSC easily convinced me of that.

This was a very easy-to-read first book in what looks to be a long series. Often the first book in a new series suffers because there's so much to establish. But RSC accomplished this seamlessly and practically effortlessly. Everything flowed together perfectly and made sense. There were just the right amount of tense moments (Oh my, that ending...), plot twists, and "a-ha, I knew it" moments. And while the romance wasn't always front and center (how could it be when someone wants you dead?) Zach and Sam did manage to find a way...(*sigh*). "Saro sempre al tuo fianco."

So book one has me hooked on this series. I already am intrigued with Vivi and the Rossi cousins, and can't wait to read their stories. Next up is Shiver of Fear, former FBI agent Marc's story. If it follows the formula of "Edge Of Sight", it should be a good one! 4 1/2 stars (only because that prequel should be in the book!)
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message 1: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Auntee, I wanna know how this one goes for you

Judi I wish I'd seen that picture of Zach before I read the book...mmm...yummy. Great start to a new series.

Samantha Wow, you added pics and all. He is so yummy.

KindleRomance Reviews Great review and love the pictures:-)

Vicki Great review, cannot wait to read this book!

Auntee Thanks ladies!:)

message 7: by Rane (new)

Rane Awesome Review Auntee!!

message 8: by Beanbag (new) - added it

Beanbag Love Great images! Putting this on my TBR right now. Great review, Auntee!

message 9: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen WOW! What a review Auntee! I have so many must read book's sitting here and you have me wanting to run out and get this one too LMAO! I agree with everyone, the pictures are fabulas and make you review that much more.............................................

Auntee Thanks Rane, Beanbag, and Kathleen!
If you're in the mood for a good RS, grab this one!:)

UniquelyMoi ~ 1-Clickin' Chick Thanks for the heads up, Auntee, and the awesome review!

message 12: by AH (new) - rated it 5 stars

AH Great review, Auntee. I loved this book so much. It was such a pleasure to read. The characters are awesome! I'm looking up her other series to read as well.

Auntee Thanks ladies!
AH, I loved the characters too--Im looking forward to the rest of the series.:)

Robin *loves sexy books* I bought this today and am very glad I saw your note about reading the story on the authors website first. Thanks!!

Auntee Enjoy, Robin!

message 16: by Fani (new) - added it

Fani Great review Auntee! I had this on my wish list without knowing it's a version of Beauty and the Beast. Now that I do, this one becomes my #1 priority:) And I loved those pictures you posted!!!

Norma Wow. Awesome review!

Auntee Thanks, Fani and Norma!

ElaineY Great synopsis, Auntee! I'll read it as soon as I finish Cynthia Eden's Deadly Fear.

I'm thrilled that St Claire is getting out a new series. I enjoyed the Bullet Catchers but did think it had had its run and I was ready for something new.

I love Italian heroes, especially if the author injects typical Italian family life and culture into the story. They give my heroes the warmth and depth I need to balance out the occasions when 'steely-eyed, clinical' resolve is needed to take down the baddies.

Auntee Thanks Elaine--I think you'll love the Angelino/Rossi family, especially Uncle Nino!:)

Kathrynn Oh my! Can't wait to find a copy of this book. Love those visual aides, Auntee. Yummy!

message 22: by AgentScully (new)

AgentScully Great review Auntee!

Robin *loves sexy books* glad i saw your post, i just went to her site and read the prequel. starting the book today.

Auntee That prequel should've been in the book!:)
This is a really good series so far.

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