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The Ghost by Robert   Harris
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Apr 19, 10

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A taxi driver (ghost-)writes

Wotcher been to see then guv? The Ghost? Yeah, saw it yesterday with the missus. Makes yer think, dunnit? I mean, not saying I believe it, but then I don't not believe it neither if you catch my drift, yer know? Questions what oughter be addressed, right guv? Don't mind saying I laughed a few times, that bit with countries what don't recognise the International Court of Justice, yer know? America, Iraq, North Korea, right guv? You ask me, best way to deal with them war criminals is string em up like they did with Mussolini, only language they understand, okay? Yeah, and did yer wonder about that Polanski guv? The Yanks been leaving 'im alone for thirty years, he makes this film and suddenly they're trying to extradite 'im. Might just be a coincidence like but I dunno, wotcher say guv?

I 'ad that Cherie Blair in the back once. Very interesting lady.
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message 1: by Gulla (new)

Gulla kulla I went and saw this film as well. Go and see it. Perhaps not too deep but a good idea.

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