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Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce
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Apr 19, 10

it was ok

You all know I love Tamora Pierce. This is another great story, but nothing I can say about this book will matter as much as: THIS BOOK IS TOTALLY INAPPROPRIATE FOR TEENS! (Sorry for screaming.)

She writes a thrilling story, and you love Beka, but when she goes off to a far away city to investigate a counterfeiting ring, she falls into a VERY CASUAL, sexual relationship with a quasi-criminal. Of course, she only has sex after she's gone to a mage to get a charm that prevents pregnancy. All the time, you know she loves the nice rogue King who also loves her. It's hugely frustrating and nothing is more disgusting to me than casual sex.


At the end, when she's hoping she might see her lover again. He says, "We've had fun. Let's not ruin it." And they both head off in their separate ways, no harm done. Oh, puh-leeze! What a lie! She doesn't mention the STDs Beka must have contracted from this philanderer or the increase in depression and anxiety found in young women who engage in casual sex.


But, it gets worse.

You get to know more about Beka's first crush and her disappointment at finding out he's gay (no kidding). She visits him and meets his gay lover Ocha who, as it turns out, is a fabulous transvestite, transforming himself into the embodiment of perfection in woman. They all become good friends, and Ocha explains that the Trickster God (remember, this place has a complex mythology), played the worse trick of all on him when he was yet in the womb--turning him into a man, though in his sould, he is a woman.

She writes this all so lovingly that you admire these noble lovers who are doing their best to find love in spite of the unkindness of the gods.


I can't think of a book I want my teens to read LESS than this one.

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message 1: by carrie (new)

carrie Sally, I don't even know you, yet I love every review you write and I add all the books you recommend to my list, because you're a Linford, after all! Thank you for screaming. Somebody needs to!

message 2: by forestsprite (new)

forestsprite Some teens have sex. I don't think it's inappropriate to have it in a young adult novel if it's handled well, and by having Beka take responsibility for protection makes her a good role model, I think.

Also, I think it's GREAT to have a transgendered person shown in a positive light. Like it or not, there are LGBT teens out there and it's great for them to find representation in the books they read. Major brownie points for the author. I wish we had more of this kind of diversity in protagonists across all genres. Have an open mind.

Kinley Many adults have casual sex, and many teenagers do too. I think it's great that Tamora Pierce is showing other lifestyles (LGBT being only one of the many examples in her books) in a positive, healthy light.

Do we know that STDs exist in this world? To my mind it is never mentioned, and if they have magic to stave off pregnancy, I think we can be pretty sure that Beka isn't too concerned with getting a raging case of herpes.

Thanks goodness people are writing books like Tamora Pierce. I was a bookseller for years and continually recommended her books for teenage girls. Not one of them ever told me that they didn't like them or were shocked by the sex (which is pretty tame in comparison to a lot of YA romance out there).

Celeste Sorry, how is it inappropriate for teens to learn about safe sex and queer identities?

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