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Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks
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Apr 17, 2010

really liked it

** spoiler alert ** I LOVED Evil Genius. It was a brilliant story, with interesting developments and turns throughout the plot. Although, thee one thing that really did irritate me immensely was the twist at the end of the book, with Thaddeus Roth really being Prosper English, and being Cadel's true father: That really pissed me off. Although, it has lead the way for more books portraying Cadel's life, -and of that I am not complaining- I found it rather annoying to have that shoved in my face in the last few chapters of the book.
Despite an irritating ending, this book has been one of the best books that I have read in a long time. It is an incredibly clever and well written piece. I found Cadel a very likeable character, with a brilliant mind! I love just how Catherine Jinks comes up with such amazing ways to destroy each new task that is in Cadel's way, like how he manages to take down the entire city with a fake bomb scare, and the fact that a small boy has the knowledge to take down an entire building with one small move, and have it play out so he never gets done for it.
I must say that I really, really do love the idea of having a school where you can go to learn how to be evil, forge papers, I so want to go to that school!! It is a brilliant idea, and all that goes on there, from the infiltration course with Dr. Vee, to the absolute corruption that goes on in the other campus, people spontaneously combustion, twins killing each other, to the absolute coolness of the disguise course. I soooo want to go there!!
I LOVE the absolute GENIUS behind everything that Catherine writes. She really know what she's on about, and the mixture between a kid that's always been out of place, being brought up by a malicious manipulator, just wanting to fit in with every one, and just wanting to be liked [whilst in the process, learning to take over the world via the world of computers:] makes for one fantastic read. It is well worth it -thumbsup- ;D

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