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Lord of the Isles by Debbie Mazzuca
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Apr 16, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: get-it-from-the-library, historical-romance
Read from April 28 to 30, 2010

Medical intern Ali Graham travels to The Isle of Skye in Scotland to be in a photo shoot and somehow manages to end up at Dunvegan Castle instead of the hotel (how does that happen?). The keeper welcomes her and gives her a bit of the legend of the MacLeod clan and the legend of the fairy flag – a flag with the power to grant three wishes to the clan when most needed. After settling into her bed, Ali dreams of making love with a studly Scot to awaken and find it’s not a dream – there is a man in her bed! The current Laird Rory was mortally wounded in battle and his clansmen *waved* the flag and the fairy magic brought the good Doctor to the rescue.

Ali bears an uncanny resemblance to Rory’s first wife, whose death he still grieves and he finds it hard to let go and love again. Ali charms most of Rory’s close associates, although her *doctor skills* spook the superstitious clan and they fear she’s a witch. Will the evil priest succeed in having her convicted and burned at the stake? Can Rory rescue her in time? Will Ali find the hidden fairy flag and wish herself back to the future or will she stay and find love in Rory’s arms?

The rest of the book is filled with the usual Big Misunderstandings and heated sexual play (a bit too heated IMO, I did not need to know everything Rory was doing with his fingers, let alone all that tongue sucking and hardening of you-know-what). It’s on OK romance and might do in you’re in the mood for a mindless fluffy (very fluffy) romance but it did border on silliness a bit too much for my tastes, particularly her *escape* from the castle tower via knotted bed sheets with not much damage outside of a sprained ankle and bumps and scrapes. You tell me,

Oh and she got the bars on the window loose all-by-herself with the knife she had hidden under her skirt. My last quibble is the redundancy in the text, I’m smart enough to figure out that Rory is a finely chiseled hunk and Ali is beauteous beyond compare the first time around and I didn’t need to be clubbed over the head with it over and over again. I.e. just say he grabbed her wrist and not “he grabbed her delicate wrist”. Or, Rory’s thighs and not his “thick muscular thighs”. 2.5/5 stars and a shame the author didn’t take advantage of the beautiful setting of The Isle of Sky and weave it into her story – if you’d like to see how a master does it check out Mary Stewart’s Wildfire at Midnight.

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04/28/2010 "[image error] Actually not as bad as I expected. Dunvegan castle."
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message 1: by Ana (new)

Ana I don't know what you're talking about, they're completely different, the heroine in this one's a doctor, Claire's a nurse. Huuuuge difference! :-P

Misfit Ack, I forgot she was a nurse at first although she did become a doctor eventually.

message 3: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Wow, and it's not like Outlander is something obscure that no one would ever notice...

Misfit The library has it so I'll have to go and take a look-see for myself.

message 5: by Julie (new)

Julie Oh no, another Outlander wannabe! They're all over the place!

Misfit You would think they wouldn't be so darned obvious, wouldn't you?

message 7: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth So it's all my fault? Huh!

Misfit Elizabeth wrote: "So it's all my fault? Huh!"

Darn tooting. Now everyone look at the pic of the castle and see how tall it is. Please note that our heroine who was locked up in the "tower" managed to dig the bars off with her knife she had hidden away, tie a bunch of sheets together, scramble down to a lower roof and get away. Kind of. Lol.

message 9: by Karla (new)

Karla Time travel's not my thing, which is why I'm not even bothering with Outlander, but I did try to read this one: Knight Errant. Woman travels back in time and becomes mistress to Edward IV. Darn Plantagenets were the lure to make me part with a credit for it. Didn't get more than a few pages in, but maybe you'd like to try it. ;)

Misfit I recall you mentioning that before and it's on my one of these days list. Speaking of similarities to Outlander I think this one's going to end with a similar way of having to send her back to the future and our hearts all break until the next book. We'll see.

PS, I have not got there yet so this IS NOT a spoiler, just an educated guess based on Harriet's spoiler :p

message 11: by Claire (new)

Claire I tried Knight Errant as well and didn't finish either.

message 12: by Jemidar (new)

Jemidar Fairy flag???!!!!! You mean those big muscular, hairy, he-men highlanders wave a fairy flag???!!!!! The mind boggles...lol.

message 13: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Just how many bedsheets would it take to get all that way - assuming she's not on the ground floor? Has anyone ever worked out such logistics?

Misfit I thought this review would raise a few eyebrows. jemidar, yes he-man highlanders waving a fairy flag. EC, she was at the very tippy top of the tower. He suckered herself into bringing extra linens for warmth but the mind boggles at how many sheets that would have taken.

Lisa Kay Your review made me laugh, Misfit! Thanks for that as the start to my day. Also, I thank your review for adding balance to the others I've read. They have this on audio at my library; that, and the fact that I need a time-travel book for a challenge, make me think I'm going to take a chance on it. God, I love your pics! I'll have them in mind for the "read". Wonderful!

Misfit :D

I think she's got a new one out. I'm passing on it.

Lisa Kay I thought you might, LOL!

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