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The Dark Divine by Bree Despain
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Apr 14, 2010

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bookshelves: young-adult, fantasy, romance, cover
Recommended to Annalisa by: Janessa
Recommended for: paranormal romance fans
Read from April 12 to 14, 2010

Good girl, studious protagonist: check
Dark, mysterious boy who is really the good guy but starts off being incredibly cruel: check
Unexplained sexual tension that controls protagonist: check
Perfect guy who isn't perfect: check
Love triangle: check
Best friend who gets protagonist to do something dangerous: check
Contrived plot elements to keep the reader in suspense: check

I don't know why I keep reading these when this post-Twilight formula for fantasy romances doesn't work for me. Having said that, Despain manages to explain her fantasy elements and give good foreshadowing clues, Grace's family is actually involved in her life (although I found her pastor family a little too tainted by Mormon family), I liked Grace and Daniel some of the time (him more than her), and the end surprised me. I don't why. It was obvious, but I wasn't too invested in the story at that point to think about it (not the secret but the twist at the end).

The second half of the book kind of fell apart until the climax. I had been anxious for answers in the beginning, but then Despian stretched out Grace's indecision without fleshing out her internal struggle just so she could space out vital information and race to the climax. I wanted to know why Grace wasn't reading the letters I think she would have devoured. I wanted to know what was going on with Jude when Grace gave up seeing Daniel for him. I wanted to know more about her father's plans and beliefs. And I wanted to know more about Daniel and what it was he wanted to tell her. The climax was good, and I like said surprised me, but I wanted more going into it.

I'm not sure what to rate it. It wasn't my thing, but I can see girls who like paranormal romance really liking it and it's just as good and bad as everything else in the genre. For that, I'm rating 2.5 stars. Just not my thing.
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Amelia, the pragmatic idealist So is this like religious or not? I know it's a minister's family and there's some kind of prodigal son element, but is it like FALLEN?

message 2: by Annalisa (last edited Apr 16, 2010 06:19PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Annalisa No, not in that way. Nothing disrespectful. Her monsters used to be The Hounds of Heaven sent to do God's bidding but then fell from grace when they became too prideful and let their passions control them which turned them into monsters. Most of the religious aspect comes from this girl being a pastor's daughter and having to live up to the stigma. The author is Mormon though so her pastor family reads very Mormon. It's clean, no swearing and a girl with very high standards. It's just the genre I'm sick of.

Amelia, the pragmatic idealist Ohhh, now that I totally understand - I think I may have to take a little break from the genre too in the future :)
thank you for the heads up-- I've just learned to hesitate on a book that has anything religious in it, mostly you know just because authors kind of like to take pot-shots at religion and screw with it, but if she has a church background, that seems "safe" if you know what I mean!

LethalLovely~Maybe I've Always Been More Comfortable in Chaos I'm reading this right now & I'm afraid I'm gonna get religion stuffed down my throat. I also am not feeling the font used in the novel. I also noticed we both wrote pretty bad reviews on Hush, Hush.

Annalisa LethalLovely,
I don't think she stuffs religion at us. Since the MC is a pastor's daughter, we do get some religious lifestyle as setting and the monsters are derived from biblical sources there is some history, but there is no religious message. I don't remember the font but I remember I wasn't crazy about it, especially the chapter headings.
I read your review for Hush Hush and concur. I try to be lenient with paranormal romances because they are not my genre of choice. I like some of the stories behind them but not the empty sexual tension.

LethalLovely~Maybe I've Always Been More Comfortable in Chaos Its a relief to know the religious aspect is only moderate. I understand about the empty sexual tension (though I do have my moments where all I want is smut) & Hush was more creepy than sexual or "lurve". I looked back at your review & I must say you did a better job then I did. I'm not exactly known for my subtlety.

Ai Haibara You can't really say that the sexual tension was unexplained.....I mean Grace used to have a crush on Daniel so it's pretty reasonable for her to get all red and blushy....

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