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The Secret of Lost Things by Sheridan Hay
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Apr 13, 2010

Ugh, I finally finished one of the many books I’ve started over the last few months. My life’s been all upheavaly (yay, Buffyspeak!), and it’s apparently affected my attention span. But it turns out this is an appropriate book to read when you’re in transition. It’s about a young, naïve woman who moves to New York City looking to make a life for herself. I know the premise screams chick lit, but the author, Sheridan Hay, writes in gorgeous prose and creates flawed and interesting characters, which include a gruff albino, a pre-op transsexual/aspiring opera singer, and the obligatory emotionally unavailable love interest for Rosemary, our protagonist. You can tell this book was set at least a couple decades ago because as soon as Rosemary moves to New York, despite having no life or work experience, she finds a room and a cool job in a rare bookshop that apparently pays enough for her to live on. This easy transition is not exactly relatable, but the recurrent reflections on freedom being the gift of loneliness are. At any rate, this book not only kept my attention but also helped me hate change a little less, so it definitely gets my recommendation.

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