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Dead Is the New Black by Marlene Perez
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Apr 12, 10

Read in February, 2010

This books is absolutely adorable - a light, fun, engaging joy of a mystery. I love books where, over the course of the story, we discover that none of the characters are quite what they seem. "Dead is the New Black" is a prime example of that kind of story. Nearly each and every one of the characters (at least the ones that were sufficiently developed) defied the expectations that I had of them in the beginning.

Samantha "the Divine" Deveraux, with her black clothes and coffin backpacks and head cheerleader status, was ballsy and independent, different and fun, and I can only wish that all high school "mean girls" could be just a little bit more like her. It ended with her as my favorite character.

Daisy was funny and easy to relate to, with just the right lack of self esteem to make her understandable without being annoying. Her constantly unsure relationship with Ryan might seem unrealistic to some, but it was so reminiscent of my high school relationships that I instead found myself proud of Daisy's stability in dealing with such instability.

Perez's writing style is fluid and easy, and her simple way of filling the town with paranormal creatures just seemed so "normal" that it was hard to believe that the things going on might be PARA-normal. I believed that such a town could exist.

The mystery part of the story was exciting and fun. The biggest problem was that I had figured it out before I even realized it was a mystery, so it wasn't suspenseful, so to speak. This in no way stopped me from enjoying it. Sometimes, you just need a fun book that allows you to stop thinking for a couple hours, and this one was an absolute pleasure to read.

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