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Fang by James Patterson
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Nov 17, 2010

it was amazing
Recommended to Elyse by: everyone that knows me well
Recommended for: tyo all with an open mind that like both action and a little romance
Read from April 10 to 11, 2010

** spoiler alert ** I personally loved this book at the end I was so sad I was in tears!!! I was reading reviews and those of you who hated the book and thought that fang should die... well you have your opinion and I have mine! But he should not die I absulutly love him and Max deserves to have a guy like him! I got the books the first ones and then I read them in a week no joke I was totally into them I still am!! I give it a five star definatly!! I think that he has a way with keeping you hooked and righting various things that happen so that the book opeals to a wider audeince.
Ok well I got this book like pronto as soon as I was finished the ones before it!! I was soo upset about Angel!! SHe is a lunatic!! She has gotta [go I say that the flock should kick her outa the Flock and carry on not looking back!! I would not be heart brocken if she was killed!! Fang left at the end to protect them yet Angel thinks she is the leader and constantly leads the mad scientists and people to them and she is the one always forgive her, no way she needs to go NOW!!!! I loved this one it was the best yet and I absolutly love them!!! OK James Patterson I have to tell you even if you never see this I want to tell you to drop everything youi are doing and PLEASE right the next one ASAP!!! I have to say that Angel is a freaking witch of a cow eating freak of nature evil little oger!!!!!!!!
I think that this book should be read by ever one!!! And I can't wait for the next one!!!! I think that Iggy deserves some more time in the spot light along with Nudge and Gazzy!! However what is with MR. Chu ok that was left off and never picked up again I think there needs to be more about him and Brigid I also think that something bad should happen to the cradle rocking freak (brigid)!! She is to old for fang and needs to go!! HAHAHA the plot is some what confusing and you need to pay close attention to that but people in the story are great charactors which makes it ok!!
I can't wait for the next one it better come out soon!!
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Sage I cried at the end to! It made me so sad.

message 2: by Kyle (new) - added it

Kyle I haven't read the book but I agree Angel has to go. She caused all kinds of crap in other books and she should not have been forgiven.

Elyse Thanks for commenting. I cried so hard at the end of this book! I loved it more than all the others.
kyle, this is the best out of all the books you really should read it. I love it even though angel is absulutly insane!! you will probably hate her even more after thsis book! rumor has it that the next book is coming out around Valentines day (this year) and another rumor says that it is called Angel. Maybe it ia called that because this is finally the one where she dies.

message 4: by Mayzee101 (new)

Mayzee101 omg she might die in the 7th book!!!!! i never thought of tht. still i dnt think so cuz she cnt save the world nd die...its not possible!!!!!! is it???

Elyse Well she kinda turned evil like three books ago or something right? So why doesn't the group kick her out and then she could like be killed some how and the rest of them could like save the world and not have to deal with her anymore. THat makes sence right I mean she has been like a huge problem for them anyways. Its not like her dieing could really harm anyone. I don't even know if she is good or evil anymore she has to go.

Dragonrider She a little girl though and Max's little baby.

Elyse Well ya but i kind of have to hate her after she tried tyo kill fang like oh my god i jusot think that that is unfogivable and after that she is sort of trying to get rid of max so that she can be the team leader i mean what is that all about??? ANd then she is now kind and jentle i am so confused as to who she is.

Elyse Sorry I really didn't mean to ramble like that.

Dragonrider No problem, maybe she knows something will happen to Max if she's the leader.

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