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One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell
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May 09, 2010

it was amazing
Read from April 11 to May 09, 2010

Wow! I have to say, I really loved this book. I just finished it and am in complete awe. The book dealt with so many different lives that huddled together in this one amazing building, but it was easy to follow each and every one. I loved how Candace intertwined all of the lives and how she incorporated the different ways we now view the media with blogs and the Internet. It was interesting to see how her characters were so different especially within the different generations, and how each one perceived the every changing technology.

I also loved all of the references to Connecticut, since I am originally from there and knew where and what she was talking about. it almost felt like an inside joke, in a strange way.

It is just amazing how Candace can take a building and make such an intriguing story out of it. The lives of these characters are all so interesting and intense, and she allows the reader to see all of it so vividly.


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message 1: by Jencey/ (new) - added it

Jencey/ Let me know what you think. I read Lipstick Jungle last summer the book was okay. I was wondering what you thought of her writing in her this book?

Carissa Hey Jencey! Candace Bushnell really is one of my favorite authors. I read most of her books, 4 Blondes and Sex & the City, but I have not yet read Lipstick Jungle. I was kind of turned off by the show when it was on, so I never really wanted to pick it up and read it. haha. However her book is probably a lot different than the show since her Sex and the City book was much different than the show and the movie ( I think at least!)

I literally just started reading this book so I don't have too much to tell just yet. I will keep you posted!

What was it that you didn't love about Lipstick Jungle?

message 3: by Jencey/ (new) - added it

Jencey/ I just didn't love how all over the place she was. I had heard that her earlier work is much hardier to follow. What got on my nerves in Lipstick Jungle is how many flashback chapters there are. She could never write a chapter from point A and point B.

Carissa Hmm really? Yeah I can see that being confusing and I think you are right about how she does tend to write from many different perspectives, which can sometimes be tough to follow. However, all in all I do like her work. I will keep you posted on how I feel about this book:)

message 5: by Cathy (new) - added it

Cathy Hi Carrissa, I love love love Candace Bushnell but for someone reason couldn't get into One Fifth Avenue. I tried reading the hardcover and later tried listenting to the audio version. I'm sure if I can get past the first 50 pages I'd probably love it liek all her novels...what do you think so far?

message 6: by Cathy (new) - added it

Cathy P.S. Lipstick Jungle the Book is soooo different than the Show and like you suspected the Show didn't do the Book nearly the justice it deserved...

whereas Sex and The City I felt the opposite...although I guess the Show had a long time to develop its characters and actually the very first season of SATC follwed her book almost to a T...with Scooter and the side commentary with man-on-the-street type question & answers...rememeber?

Carissa Hey Cathy,

Yes I agree with what you are saying about SATC book and the show, there are a lot of similarities. I just feel that the way Candace wrote it and portrayed some characters, even Carrie was different in a sense than on the show. That is how I felt at least when I was reading it. But yes there are a lot of things that are the same, and made me smile because I remembered the situations from the show. Overall I like both the book and the show, and of course the movie! I am a SATC junkie:)

message 8: by Cathy (new) - added it

Cathy Carissa wrote: "Hey Cathy,

Yes I agree with what you are saying about SATC book and the show, there are a lot of similarities. I just feel that the way Candace wrote it and portrayed some characters, even Carrie ..."

I think on tv series there is often a big change from the first season to the rest of the seasons...usually a differnerce of starting off low-budget and then turning into big money...I actually liked the developmnent of the SATC characters better on the show but as I said really only the First Season reflects her book and that was still good...I cna't wait for the 2nd Movie..I"m also a big SATC Junkie...hows Fifth Ave?

Carissa Yes very true! The first season is a huge reflection of the book and as the series grew, so did the characters! I am very excited about the second movie too! Honestly, I haven't got a chance to really indulge in Fifth Ave yet, except for the first few pages. I am hoping to get into it more over the weekend:)

message 10: by Jencey/ (new) - added it

Jencey/ I liked Lipstick Jungle the show. I came in late for the Sex and The City crew. I saw the first movie about a year ago. I have seen some of the seasons in rerun on TBS. I am interested in reading Candace's newer work.

Carissa Oh wow, I think you need to get the Sex and the City book and start renting the reruns on Next flix:) Sooo good!

message 12: by Jencey/ (new) - added it

Jencey/ Sounds like there has been some growth in her writing which is a good thing. I am looking forward to reading her newer work.

Carissa Yes I really feel as though I am able to follow this pretty well so far. I always liked the way she wrote and put out different perspectives, but it can get confusing at times. This books seems to do a good job at holding the reader's interest and not jump from one thing to another too quickly.

message 14: by Jencey/ (new) - added it

Jencey/ Are you going to go see her on her tour for The Carrie Diaries?

Carissa Yes I am! She is coming here next Friday:)

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