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Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey
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Dec 01, 07

bookshelves: fantasy, fantasy-romance, couldn-t-finish, fiction, kindle

Everyone recommends these books to people who liked Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Trilogy; they're both "dark fantasy" and have sex in them. However, I only got halfway through the first book before giving up completely.

I don't like Carey's writing style at all. It bores me to death. I don't mean to say there's anything in particular wrong with it, but it's just not my cup of tea. Instead of racing along, I find myself bogged down and rereading the same paragraph ten times and getting nothing from it.

I like a degree of political intrigue, but this was far too overdone for my tastes. Instead of being exciting, it was like watching CSPAN; there are all these completely uninteresting characters who are consequently difficult to keep track of.

Phaedre, despite being a prostitute, is a complete Mary Sue. Everyone inexplicably loves her and it's ridiculous.

The sex? Not hot. I suppose, in a way, that's fitting; she's a prostitute and realistically the sex probably wouldn't feel very exciting. But the thing is, it's written like it's supposed to be hot, which is puzzling to me. I like sex in books when it serves a purpose -- and it is a big part of Phaedre's character -- but it doesn't *excite* me unless there's some sort of connection between the two characters. I'm not even asking for love, but something past "how much do I pay you?" Some genuine attraction, even if they're just going in for a one night stand. That's not really present for as much of the book I read; it's much more suited to someone who finds any sort of S&M exciting, especially the idea of S&M with a stranger. I really can't relate to that at all, though.

Someone with a bigger stomach for political intrigue and bondage would probably enjoy these books a lot. I didn't, though.
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