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Lover Mine by J.R. Ward
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Apr 10, 2010

it was amazing
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Hardly any spoilers.

How am I gonna review this without writing a novel, well lets just say its gonna be real hard. When it comes to the BDB I gots a lot to say ya feel me. The latest instalment is just feckin perfection, the boys are back in a big way. When it comes to this series its either you are a fan girl or you completely hate it, but I say this what’s not to love. This is the only vampire series that just stands alone, there are no comparisons and its like you know everyone of these characters personally and they invited you along to enjoy their journey. We have come a long way from Wrath, Rhage, Zsadist, Butch, Vishous( like to see him naked), Phury, Rehvenge and now John Mathew. Plus a wicked set of supporting characters that just makes this series one in a million.

THE RUNDOWN- We met John Mathew in Lover Eternal when he was just a pre-trans vamp all skinny and looking like a 12 years old boy. Living in a crappy building, drinking Ensure without any idea of who and what he is. Well he gets answers in the form ‘Hey You” you’re a vampire but you haven’t gone through the change yet. Well with all this power comes great responsibilities, John has some things he needs to get through before he can become the man/vampire he was meant to be. All this spans over a few books until boo wow we land on Lover Mine. I am talking quickies, group sex, drinking and a whole lot of self pity, plus did I mention Xhex yes there is her, and she ROCKS. This female is kick-ass and a true warrior in every sense of the word.

JOHN- Well this boy has his issues, he has daddy issues, sexual issues and the big one he is the reincarnate of someone else but has no clue, just memories here and there. Well John is now a full blown vampire all big and manly, with weapons in every pocket and revenge hell bent on his mind. We all know every hero has his bad guy and this bad guy goes by the name of Lash is the tooth fairy version of Freddy Kruger but 100% sexier, he is the arch nemesis of JM. John wants his woman back and will stop at nothing to get her back. Just another bad thing to happen to JM but soon he will realize all this bad will lead to one hell of a good thing.

XHEX- She also has her issues, first one being she is half vampire and the other half is symphath ( if you don’t know what a symphath is well obviously you need to start at the beginning of the series) not knowing with who and what she fits in with. Plus she feels she is a lone woman, all this love and female feeling is not for her until there was John. Now she is being held captive by a psycho, and she will relish the moment when she has her hands around his neck and knife to his balls. Xhex likes to think of herself as the tough as nails chick and its killing her to be so defenceless, but she doesn’t remain the damsel in distress for very long. There is a war going on and they just pissed this woman off.

PLOT- Giving one single plot in the BDB books is almost impossible with so much going on you could write a series of reviews and come up with many objectives for the same book. Well I guess you could say the book revolves around revenge, getting back at the bad guy for stealing his woman. The other part could be about two vamps falling in love and finding their true selves within each other. On the other hand I could say it’s about sexy vampires wearing leather and kicking Lesser butt ( no idea what a lesser is, get out from under the rock and read Dark Lover). I am gonna stick to revenge and two people falling in love, cus these two have come a very long way and have some growing up to do. Obstacles to overcome, lessers to kill, smack talking to do, hot and heavy sex to have, pretty simple nuh.

QUINN&BLAY- Lets not pretend like you don’t love them and want them naked preferably with each other. These two drive you crazy while turning you on at the same time. I wanted to take a Glock to their heads and give them some sense. The sexual tension has been building for a long time, and now its down right frustrating. We had to watch Blay suffer constantly about his unrequited love and the suffering continues. We also had to watch the douche that is Quinn poke everything with a hole. We understand them a lot more in Lover Mine, and notice all the small mistakes they make. They don’t communicate and a lot gets lost in translation. I want them naked and they deserve their own bloody book, you can’t offer the pie and then give us only a taste, I want the whole slice god damn it. I want it! I want tangled limbs and cock in ass, crude but I don’t care, I love these guys I want them happy.

FEELINGS- I got feelings a whole bunch of feelings. I loved this book the Warden never disappoints she writes these vamps just so bloody good. I can almost believe that they are real. The warden is known for all her POV’s going on in her book but who bloody cares when you can get a piece of everyone. I like to get pieces of everyone like Butch wrapped around Vishous like a pole. With no idea how it happened I was naked, this one will leave you naked. I love John he has grown up so much and I am proud of him, he left me with a few tears in my eyes, he is a man now. Xhex she surprised the crap out of me and I like her, she proved to be so much more than we’ve come to expect from her. A kick-ass female tough as nails but underneath all the brawn still lies the heart of a woman. They were the perfect couple. I love that we got a taste of all the brothers, and introductions to exciting new characters. Lover Mine is a slam dunk, these vampires never disappoint, all that swagger and style they just reek of all that is bigger than the world. You might say you hate the brand name dropping and the way they talk or the music they listen to. If they were any different the success that they are right now would not be. They would just fit right into all the other vampire books out there. We love them cus they are the way they are, just hardcore and all that is awesome, ya feel me. I love my Grey Goose drinking, hardcore rap listening and brand name wearing boys. Told you I was gonna right a novel.

SIDE NOTE- Rehv is a pimp, he is bad mother *shut your mouth*. Doc Jane, still believe Butch is the best one for my Vishous but Jane does have likable qualities. Saxton he is gorgeous and he has got serious swagger, but his attention would be better else where.
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05/20/2010 "Aww yes it has begun!!"
05/23/2010 "Ok like seriously, I am starting right now."
05/23/2010 page 12
2.27% ""But that was not a true reflection of the Bromance" hahahah, I just love this stuff."
05/23/2010 page 26
4.92% ""He wanted to be in there, on his knees,led by Quinn's hands. He wanted to be the one whose mouth was full. He wanted to be responsible for making Quinn pant and strain." Jesus Fing christ I want you on your knees too Blay. Disrespectful fecking Quinn. God I love them." 4 comments
05/23/2010 page 100
18.94% "Talk about tension, Quinny ease off a bit. John stop with the crack and smarted up. Blay get on with your bad self, you be strong. I think the WARDen was watching Paranormal State and decided to put it in the book. Lash you are one evil S.O.B, but you sound gorgeous god damnit." 11 comments
05/24/2010 page 163
30.87% "I don't care, Rehv is a pimp. With his coat and cane,all he needs now is the 70's music and girls in thigh highs, booty shorts and afros. Hahaha Lash is no longer sexy, he's creepy now. Vishous good god I squealed like a 13 years old girl when he made an appearance. I want to experience all kinds of pain with that man. Xhex and John my heart is breaking for you guys." 3 comments
05/24/2010 page 286
54.17% "This bloody book! John and Xhex, my heart is achin for them. Xhex is a new woman in my eyes. Quinn and Blay, Quinn is an ASS HOLE, two words. He had a feckin chance and what did he do. Dumbo! Blay you go out and mess Saxton up cus " Saxton got style, yes he do"."
05/25/2010 page 402
76.14% "John and Xhex talk about hot. Quinn ASS HOLE two words. Blay you can call me Darren and I might be willing to wear a strapon. Love this shit." 5 comments
05/26/2010 page 450
85.23% "Now the situation with Saxton and Blay just got critical and I DON'T LIKE IT!. Quinn my bud, ASS HOLE two words. I am literally crying. I am hanging up my strapon, because I dont wanna break Quinn's heart." 16 comments

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UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish That about sums it up! Pretty amazing, wasn't it?

DarienMoya It was like breathtaking. I am still in shock but I am really happy.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Yep! I finished it weeks ago and still haven't been able to write a review that could do the book justice.

DarienMoya Its gonna take me a few days, I need to seriously think about it.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

You still have to think about it? Or is it that you're still fantasizing about you and Blay, Darren? ;)

DarienMoya LMAO, you caught me Eyre that fantasy is still up and running.

DarienMoya Thanks Lady D!

message 10: by Liz (new) - rated it 5 stars

Liz Excellent Review....Loved It :)

DarienMoya Thanks Red and Liz! I forgot to talk about the omega. I am trying to figure out how he has sex.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Darien wrote: "Thanks Red and Liz! I forgot to talk about the omega. I am trying to figure out how he has sex."

Any way he wants.

Buggy Ahhh D, Such an AWESOME review! It gave me feelings, a whole bunch of feelings especially regarding Butch wrapped around V like a pole!! so many feelings in fact that I had to get nekkid while reading it.
LOL girl

DarienMoya Thanks Buggy, I had serious feelings for this one.

Buggy Me too

Mahyar Amazing review!

DarienMoya Thanks Mahyar!

message 19: by Shari (new) - added it

Shari Great Review, I already have this book on my Kindle but can't read it until I get the rest of the series done. I am about to start book 4.

DarienMoya Thats good shari you have to read the other books, its a kickass series.

message 21: by Shari (new) - added it

Shari Okay so I have now finished the whole series of the BDB books, with the exception of Unbound, which I can't get on Kindle for "Canada". I may have to Kobo that one and really finish it.

I truly did enjoy this series, especially this last book and how it ended. Where to next I ask, cause this series could go on forever. I really like the way the past with Darius and Torh kept coming up and then how it all pulled together at the end.

This series was a total shock for me, the first one I read was, well okay but give me more story. However as the series progressed I was totally hooked and drawn in. Sleep is highly over-rated right? So now what am I going to do with the rest of my vacation time??? Going to be hard to pick a book to read after this.

Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R I feel so dumbstruck at the moment! How did I miss your review on this book? Shame on me :( it's freaking Awesome! I wish they allowed more than one vote, I'm such a sucker for your reviews! Lolz! You just put enough spunk in it, that I like so much! Lol! So keeping it FYI, I give you a 5star vote! :p

DarienMoya LOL Elena. What can I say I am spunky( not really).

Elena R a.k.a. Lunies R DarienMoya wrote: "LOL Elena. What can I say I am spunky( not really)."

Awwww...Darien,no worries in my eyes you're full of spunkiness! Lmao! & You know you are! hahaha...

Hey, don't think I forgot what the tomorrow is! *winks* are you ready for me too sparkle my glitter? LOL!

DarienMoya Bring it on!!! LMAO

message 26: by Arzu (new) - rated it 5 stars

Arzu Wow, great review!! I love the Brothers and yes, Qhuay deserve their own book ... no matter what other people think about it!!

DarienMoya Arzu wrote: "Wow, great review!! I love the Brothers and yes, Qhuay deserve their own book ... no matter what other people think about it!!"

Thanks Arzu!! Pfftt to other people,lol

DarienMoya I am also super pissed Zosia, you probably hated the ending. I hated the fact that he ended up with Jane!

message 29: by Jasmin (last edited Sep 18, 2010 11:06PM) (new)

Jasmin it would take me a long time before I get to this one XD

nice 1 D! :D

Nissie Fantastic review!

DarienMoya Nissie wrote: "Fantastic review!"

Thanks Nissie!!

Jas start reading quicker,lol!

message 32: by Jasmin (new)

Jasmin I'll try D. XD

Myhrut LOL great review! I just finished the book ooh and cant wait for the 11th book! Right in time after i finished the two i have left to read :)

message 34: by Karen (new)

Karen McNl Loved your review!! You put it into such perfect words I'm off to buy it now!! ;)

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