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The Right Attitude to Rain by Alexander McCall Smith
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Nov 30, 2007

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Every once in a while, I like a book that makes me think, but makes me think about my immediate world, the little questions that occur to me every day. The big world questions (how to bring world peace, how to solve hunger, why do men kill each other) are too ambitious and depressing for the likes of me. And that's why this series by McCall Smith appeals to me so much -- he makes me think, but does so in an immediate, useful sort of way.

This, the third in his Isabel Dalhousie series, doesn't disappoint on that account. As usual, Isabel is occupied with musings about the oddities of people and their motives. She's forced to turn her scrutiny inward as she finds herself tempted to go against her ethical leanings for a variety of reasons.

As in the other Dalhousie books, not a heck of a lot happens in this book. Her relationship with Jamie is furthered, and we learn more about her "sainted American mother." But other than a deepening of relationships, the action is thin.

That would be fine, except for the fact that this series is billed as a mystery series, and the mysterious is few and far between.

I do enjoy Isabel's musings, if I'm a little tired of the way she (and everyone else in the book) seems to repeat everything they say. Really repeat it. Do people in Scotland talk that way? I mean, really? Really really?

Still, I give the book -- and the series -- high marks for making this busy mom of three take a break and think about life. Really think about it. Really.
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