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One Bloody Thing After Another by Joey Comeau
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Apr 11, 2010

did not like it
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Read on April 10, 2010

If I had read the description of what would be in the book, I would not have taken the time to read it. At any rate, I started the book and it was an extremely fast read so I finished it.

I only have one word to describe this book: CRAZY. Wait, I need two words. My other word would be WEIRD. I think it's supposed to be a horror, but it's not really. Actually it feels like a story from the Twilight zone - though not as good.

Jackie's is the first story that we read. Jackie is really crazy. She just does whatever she wants, whenever she she feels like it. Her mom is a ghost that comes around and helps makes Jackie invisible whenever she needs it. Jackie is very impulsive and basically makes jokes when other people would be scared, mad, or nonchalant. For example, at one point Jackie gets arrested. For her one phone call she calls the desk of the officer near the phone. She has a crush on her friend Ann....

Of course Ann has her own problems. Even though her mom is the zombie in the basement, she is the one that walks around like a zombie. She laughs sometimes and she talks but mostly her behavior is zombielike. When Jackie starts putting the moves on her she doesn't even responds. She just sits there. Ann and her sister have to find their zombie mom fresh meat to eat. Like I said, this book is crazy. And it's pretty awful what they feed their mom. I take that back - it's really disturbing.

This book is an extremely fast read. It is very creepy. I have only read a few horror stories before so I don't know if they are all like this. Most of the book I found myself frowning, mainly it was because Jackie was one big psycho or because something else upset me. The only people I really liked was the old man and his dog. And even then he had a ghost holding her own head in her arms (dripping blood from its mouth). She meets him everyday at the end of his walk. This book was really weird and sometimes things just didn't make sense. There is one section were it's just a repeat of content from a previous section (done on purpose but still weird).

I'd recommend this book if you're looking for something different, weird, creepy, and disturbing.

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Heidi (Yup. Still here.) Umm...I have one word too SKIP!

Peep (Pop! Pop!) This is the problem I run into when I don't read descriptions!!!

Heidi (Yup. Still here.) I read the description when you added it and thought WTH????

Peep (Pop! Pop!) It was one of the free reads! I wish you had said something, I would have quit while I was ahead.

Heidi (Yup. Still here.) I thought perhaps someone recommended it, so I didn't want to hurt their feelings. Did you win it on GR?

Peep (Pop! Pop!) No, it was a galley. I requested it back in early March and wanted to read it so that I can submit a review (though reviews aren't required). I just read the first byline and added it. I didn't read the description because they always tell spoilers. In this case I wouldn't have minded spoilers. Oh well, they got my bad review anyway.

message 7: by Katy (new) - added it

Katy Good review - sounds like it was out of your comfort zone, but hey, we all have those sorts of things we run across occasionally, right? Anyway, it does sound like something I would like, especially after I read your thoughts on it. I'm going to check a few more of your reviews - it sounds like we have refreshingly dissimilar tastes in books - perhaps we can have some conversations :-)

Peep (Pop! Pop!) Hahaha Katy! I'd love to talk about the books I've read. I don't remember much about this one because it was awhile back. LOL, apparently I thought it was weird. :)

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