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To Beguile a Beast by Elizabeth Hoyt
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** spoiler alert ** Much better than I'd thought it would be :)

I don't have time to do a big in-depth review right now but a few points:

What worked for me:
* This time "tortured hero" really did mean tortured hero -- Sir Alistair had been tortured by natives in America, having lost a couple fingers, an eye, and being so massively scarred that women literally fainted and children literally ran screaming when they saw him.. I can't tell you how nice it is to see a tortured hero whose scars add up to more than a roguish crease on one side of his face that just makes him look more like Indiana Jones than Frankenstein.

* I didn't mind that the heroine was a "fallen woman" -- that's usually not really my thing -- part of the reason I read historicals is I like virginal heroines (I know, I know).. And to have the heroine be a mother, and not a widow but a kept woman who was fleeing her former "protector"? I didn't really see myself liking her as a heroine. However, the further I read, the more I liked her and the more compassion I felt for her -- she was young and stupid and in love (heh. don't those last two usually go together??) and made some foolish mistakes that she couldn't go back on. **NOTE** The "adultery/infidelity" shelf actually refers to the fact Helen was sleeping with, and had children by, a man married to another woman -- there's no actual "cheating" in the story ;) Just realized I should probably mention that lol

* Believe it or not, I actually liked the children *gasp* I know! They were a bit whiny, a bit immature, and a bit mischievous, without being too annoying. Many times children in romance novels annoy the pie out of me, but these two were definitely tolerable (and on occasion, pretty cute) lol

* I actually liked Alistair's double standard when he found out Helen's history. It just felt true to the times that he would bash her as a whore for being someone else's mistress, but had thought nothing up to that point of making her his own. Ug. Men. ;)

What didn't work for me:

* I felt like the obstacles were resolved a bit... easily.. *shrugs* IDK, I mean it was brilliant the way Alistair chose to solve things by forcing the Duke between a rock and a hard place, but still. And then the whole traitor thing seemed a bit anticlimactic to me?

Other than that, a lovely story. 4 Stars.
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Kelly22 Great review Jess!

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