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As You Desire by Connie Brockway
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Apr 09, 2010

really liked it
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Read in April, 2009

A quirky historical romance in many ways, I really enjoyed As You Desire.

This story follows our protags through the sands and markets of Egypt as they come to an understanding about each other. I loved that the setting of AYD stayed in Egypt. Historical Romance is my first love, but, having read the genre through several decades now, I've grown weary of the English/Scottish settings. Reading this one was breath of fresh air and it is my desire to see other authors branch out like that.

Desdemona has known Harry Braxton for years now, ever since she arrived in Egypt to live with her grandfather after her parents died in England. She's had a different sort of childhood. Her scholarly parents found out early that Dizzy, as Harry calls her, is a prodigy of sorts- she's able to read and translate languages in a manner way beyond her age. Much of her childhood was spent in libraries and on stages where her parents lectured and displayed her talent to the world.

Her grandfather is quite content to live out the rest of his life in Egypt, but Dizzy has it in her head that he would be better back home in England- as she knows she certainly would. You see, she only wants to be a normal girl- back in England, raising a family in a cottage with a summer garden. For this reason her grandfather is willing to make it happen, but first they have to raise the money to get them back on their feet after he had lost much of their wealth through poor management.

Harry fell for Desdemona from the first time he laid eyes on her but his desperate secret keeps him emotionally distant, though he can't help but come to the rescue whenever she falls into trouble- which she seems to have a penchant for doing, and OFTEN!

At the opening of this book, Dizzy has been kidnapped from a market outing on her own and is awaiting a unknown future- likely sold into slavery, possible worse.

But she's been there for several days and ... she's bored. Enter her savior. But its not the dark desert prince she imagines in her fanciful fantasies- it's only Harry. Harry, who she once thought she'd loved but who one night rebuffed her passionate advances, making her more angry than hurt. (Okay she was hurt too, but one has to keep up appearances when rejected so soundly!)

Still, a rescue is a rescue and with little ado, she follows him out. The whole ordeal has made her a bit miffed too because she's realized her captors paid Harry to take her off their hands- a girl's pride is bound to be hurt by that and some how she knows the circumstances are not all they seem. Especially if Harry is involved.

From there on we find this scenario playing out in different ways. Dizzy, doesn't follow English proper ways on how a Lady should conduct herself, needless to say, and it gets her into numerous scrapes. But Harry will always find her and save her. She knows this though she never voices it. And. He never fails to do so.

I loved that about him. And though he shows an affable laughing face to the world, there is much more to him then what he portrays.

But all that's about to change- his cousin, the outwardly noble Blake Ravenscroft has come to Egypt now in desperate need of Harry's help, much to his chagrin.

Of course, Harry finds he can know longer hold back his true nature- because Dizzy is sure Blake is the man of her dreams.

Desdemona is a great heroine. Cheeky and not average in anyway, she does as she pleases though professing to long for a life as an average English Lady. Harry is handsome and much more worthy than his cousin, though his cousin is the one with the title. Yep, Harry has a secret, one that his family has used to put him down numerous times, but he's far nobler than they assume and his secret- just melts my heart! I love that Harry's made something of himself despite his "flaws" too. He really is a great hero though not your average one in anyway either!

I highly recommend this read if you haven't read it already. If you are in the mood for a quick historical romance read a cut above the rest, this one is for you!
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AgentScully Ooooooh one of my all-time favorite romances :-)

Zeek It's a great read!

MelissaB Nice review Zeek! I need to get to this since I like exotic settings like Egypt

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) You're making me want to reread this. Connie Brockway is a really great writer.

AgentScully Melissa do you already have a copy?

MelissaB Nope

AgentScully ** puts it in the Melissa box **

Next time :-)

MelissaB AgentScully wrote: "** puts it in the Melissa box **

Next time :-)"

Thanks Agent Scully!

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