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Hope Was Here by Joan Bauer
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Apr 08, 2010

really liked it
Read in April, 2010

Hope was Here, by Joan Bauer, is a story about a young, 16 year old girl names Hope who has lived with her aunt, Addie, her whole life because her birth mother, who is a waitress, didn't’t want the responsibility of a baby at the time she was born. She has never met her father and she often thinks about what it would be like to have a father Hope who is a waitress and Addie, a cook, have lived in many different places They decide to move to Mulhoney, Wisconsin to work at a diner called Welcome Stairways, which is owned by a man named G.T. Stoop who has leukemia. In Mulhoney, Eli Millstone, the current mayorand G.T. Stoop has decided to run against him despite what people tell him about his health. Many people are cautious about voting for him though because his health is bad and they don’t know if he will be able to handle all the work the mayor has to do, while also trying to battle leukemia. One day G.T. comes with good news that his leukemia is in remission. Everybody is so happy for him and he asks Addie, whom he had been going out with for awhile, to marry him. .On election day when all the votes had been tallied up from the election, it was announced that G.T. Stoop had lost by only 114 votes. Later Hope was thanking a man from the community for voting, but he said he never actually voted. Everyone was confused and it was then determined that they election had been rigged so Eli Millstone would win When word got out, Eli was forced to resign and G.T. became mayor of Mulhoney. G.T. Stoop held his office as mayor for a couple years before his cancer came back and he got very sick. He could no longer hold on and passed away. By this time, Hope was graduating from high school and both her and Braverman were going off to different colleges. Her last day working at the diner she wrote under the counter the same things she always writes when she leaves a place, Hope was here.

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