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Fragile Eternity by Melissa Marr
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Apr 08, 10

This picks up after Wicked and Ink. Ash is Summer Queen with Keenan as her King and Seth as her boyfriend. The story is wonderful. We get our first real look at Faerie and at the High Court. Both are as mysterious and magical as the rest of the world of Wicked Lovely.

Now let's talk characters. Donia was my favorite back in WL, but her attitude in FE was really upsetting. Now I'm not sure if she should be my favorite anymore. Leslie is moving more towards the favorite. Maybe if Donia chills out next time we see her then she can regain my love. Seth moved way up though. I didn't like that he was the "too perfect" boyfriend. Yes that actually does bother me. He just seemed too fine with his girlfriend being a faerie and all these late nights with her faerie king. The fact that he actually did something in this book to solidify his and Ash's relationship really spoke to me about his love and devotion to her. Even though it didn't end exactly the way he wanted it to. Another change in opinion is Keenan. At first he was just annoying, creepy faerie king that couldn't take "no" for an answer, but seeing the way he interacted with Donia and Ash in this book really showed me the kinder side of him. I'm now proud to say that I tolerate Keenan. Just don't screw it up Summer Boy.

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