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Swoon by Nina Malkin
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Jul 05, 10

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I love the catch phrase for this book. “What do you do when the boy of your dreams is too bad to be true?” I think that it was that and the cover that drew me in in the first place. This book took me a long time to read. I tend to like books that are different and this one definitely fits the bill, but I just found myself loosing interest about half way through. When it was all said and done I did enjoy this book, it just took me 2 months to officially finish it.

Another thing to note is that all of the characters are given abbreviated names (Duck, Con, Marsh, Wick, etc...) in the story and that can make it difficult to remember who is who and whether or not they are male or female. You might not understand until you read it but I figured I would warn you. Swoon is definitely geared toward older teens. There are some rather explicit scenes involving sex and drugs in the book and it may not be suitable for readers under 16 or so.

Swoon is the name of the town that the story is set in. Candice (Dice) has recently moved to Swoon because of “recent events” - Don't want to give away spoilers :) Swoon is a town full of wealthy families who have lived there for generations. Dice spends most of her time with her cousin Pen and her group of friends.

Things start to get a little strange after Pen falls from a tree and becomes possessed by Sinclair (Sin), a boy who died more then 200 years ago. This is bad enough but it turns out Sin has plans for Swoon. Revenge. Pen seems to be oblivious to her possession but Dice has heightened psychic abilities that allow her to draw Sin out. Dice tries to fight the attraction she feels for this boy especially after realizing his plans. Dice decides that for the good of the town and Pen she must banish Sin from her cousin's body. Only Dice makes a mistake and now Sin is flesh and blood and is free to reek havoc on Swoon.

The majority of the rest of the book focuses on how sin is terrorizing the town and how Dice plans to stop him. Sin's brand of justice is not what you might think, he does not go on a murderous rampage or anything he simply manipulates those around him. Taking them down a few pegs if you know what I mean. Dice has a lot of damage control to do but how do you stand against the boy you love? And can their love overcome his vengeance?

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Reading Progress

05/10/2010 page 22
5.09% "Very weird start...after reading the back I am concerned that Dice is going to make moves on her cousin at some point....creepy!"
05/10/2010 page 52
12.04% "Pen's description of her water encounter was...interesting. This Sin character most have some strange"
05/11/2010 page 89
20.6% "Dice has the hots for a dead guy possessing her female cousin...this is awkward lol"
05/11/2010 page 131
30.32% "he seems to eagar is this a trick?"
05/13/2010 page 189
43.75% "Am I supposed to like Sin, because I am getting annoyed with him? The whole Pen thing did not go over well with me."
05/20/2010 page 243
56.25% "still very strange but not bad...just havent had much time to read lately"
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