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Succubus Shadows by Richelle Mead
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Apr 13, 10

really liked it
bookshelves: adult-fantasy, own-it
Read from April 06 to 08, 2010

This had a little slow start but once it picked up I really enjoyed it. I'm torn with my rating. On one hand the beginning was so slow that I want to rate it lower, and the underling theme of Sad Georgina with the on and off again Seth was still there. But the story line was good and I really enjoyed everything minus Seth. So I rated it based on that, minus the Seth drama.

Yeahs ::

* I luvd the flashbacks/dreams. They're filled with passion and adventure.
* Roman and Georgina's relationship just keeps getting better. They're getting closer, but not in the way I'd like.
* I own the UK edition. I luv the cover! The model is closer to Georgina's description than the US model.
* Lots of screen time with Georgina's friends. Cody even has a side story.
* The man in her dream is revealed. Or is he? Was the revelation truth or a lie?
* The ending - OMG! So much revealed and yet not. You get information pertaining to her contract and maybe who Seth really is, but it's not certain (that's where the cliffhanger lies).

Nays ::

* Slow beginning. Very slow. (But once it picks up, I highly enjoyed it.)
* Clueless Georgina. When ever something is revealed, she still doesn't clue in.
* Sad sad Georgina. Really? Doesn't this chick get a break?!
* Seth, Seth and more pinning over Seth. Can we get over him already?! She is falling in love with him again. Just when she thinks her feelings are pushed to the side ... nope, they are front and center.
* Another point in the direction that Seth and Georgina are destined to be together. I don't know how I feel about it. I luv soulmate, true love stories. But Seth and Georgina are just annoying me.
* Seth and Georgina just keep going in circles. They start off not together, they come together, they split ... every book has the same theme. I'm getting frustrated with this!
* Jerome! I'm so pissed with him. He knows that something is wrong with Georgina's contract but won't say anything. And he's just so rude to Georgina.

Plot 4 stars
Cover 5 stars
Writing 3 stars
Originality 5 stars
Characters 4 stars
Romance/Chemistry 4 stars
Action / Romance ratio 65:35 - (Not so much romance for Georgie but sex, and Seth pinning)
Ending 5 stars
Good enough to pick up again 4 stars
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Great review. Can't wait for the last installment. I'm still confident that Georgina will end up with Roman... but then I think of her dream and the confidence dissipates.

I loved the dream sequence. Obviously Jerome knows too much about Seth and why he was able to go in and rescue his Georgie. and the problem lies with Seth/Kyriakos' contract, not Georgina's.

What is your theory on book 6?

Tina But it could be a lie! They could have lied about the man in the dream.

I definitely think Seth is Kyriakos. They said two contracts, I guess Seth/Kyriakos maybe made a contract too? But the deal was that no one would remember her. But Seth does! So right there is a breach.

I forgot about jerome. I'm so pissed with him. He knows so much but says nothing. He's so rude to Georgina.

Everything points to Seth and Georgina ending up together. Sadly I think that will be. I'm really curious as to why Carter is so interested in her? Maybe he just wants to see her get justice since he knows that something is wrong in her contract.

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Don't be too harsh on Jerome. He did seek out seth to go in after G. He is hard on her, but i think he may have a soft spot for her too.

I think you're right about S&G. I'm just really hoping things go the right way for Roman. I have to admit after having read this installment, i didn't find Seth and Georgina as painful as I had in the past. It won't be a bad thing for them to end up together. However I'd be happier if it were Roman. What direction is Mead trying to take with Roman? Why bring him back? I'm finding a lot of similarites between Roman & Adrian from the Vampire Academy series.

Carter... hmmm. No idea there. But he's still a sweetie

message 4: by Tina (last edited Apr 14, 2010 08:18AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tina Yeah, but he only seeked out Seth to save his own butt. If he did have a soft spot for Georgina, then why didn't he do more to help her when she first came to him. I used to think he did care a little for her, but I'm not so sure anymore. His helping had more to do with saving his own arse.

I agree with you about Seth and Georgina, it wasn't so painful this time around. Before I was gritting my teeth, now it wasn't so bad. But, I would like to see her HEA be with Roman. But if it is with Seth, It won't be so bad.

How many more books left? One?

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

One more for Georgina Kincaid series

One more for Thorn Queen series

two more for Vampire Academy

Tina I went to a signing for the release of Blood Promise. Mead says that as for now she has only signed on for so many (forgot what she said) in the Thorn Queen series. But she didn't sound like it was final. So there is a possibility their could be more .... *crosses-fingers*.

message 7: by Jess (last edited Oct 13, 2010 03:11AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jess I'm really late with this comment, but I finished the book last night. Having read over your comments, I hadn't given thought that Seth could be Kyriakos. Whole two contracts thing had me puzzled but I guess it makes sense now. (I'm clearly just as clueless as Georgina) lol. It also wasnt my favourite of the series so far, but I enjoyed it. After a slow start it naturally picked up towards the middle and then I was hooked at the end.

As for that cliff hanger? Seriously Richelle! Like you didn't do enough of that in VA!

I'm excited for the next instalment but I hate to have to wait until September next year (UK release)!

I'm hoping for a Georgie and Seth ending but if Mead decides not to go that way then I would be content....not happy...but content with a Georgie and Roman ending.

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