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A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown
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'A Piece of Cake' was extremely detailed, it was at times heart-wrenching, and many times, turned my stomach. I feel that Cupcake Brown really did suffer an extreme amount, came through an extreme amount, and accomplished amazing feats to get where she is today (you'll have to read the book to find out exactly where that is). Reading it, however, I didn't feel like it was very... realistic, even though it seemed to be an accurate portrayal of her life. It could just be her amazing ability to shrug off so many horrifying events, it could just be the way she wrote about those events, perhaps to protect herself from getting too deep into the experience. I don't know. And there WAS a lot... but there were issues that really bothered me, that she discussed almost... coldly, and issues, such as her multiple abortions, that she seemed to find amusing (for example, she explains that she could tell she was pregnant right away, because the smell of fried chicken, which she loved, would make her vomit - uh oh, time for another abortion), and she didn't follow it up by explaining the effects she experienced because of things of that nature... she also seemed to find it amusing, how while on so many drugs, she decided she would be better off dead, and proceeded to sleep with multiple strangers - many, many of them - without protection, in the hope that she would contract and die from AIDS. I thought this book was... descriptive, informative, and definitely portrayed a world that can only be seen through certain perspectives, such as hers. I don't recommend it if you are easily offended or disgusted by issues such as those discussed in the book (drugs, physical and sexual abuse, prostitution, abortion, etc., etc.), or if you have gone through any of these things... normally i recommend success stories such as this (I'm sorry, but I don't totally see it that way, it was more... sickening than anything) but I think this book would likely bring back some horrific memories, and not necessarily give you a positive way to cope with the resulting feelings.

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