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The Lie by Chad Kultgen
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Apr 12, 10

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Read from April 03 to 12, 2010

** spoiler alert ** Well this was an interesting read. First, I would say that I found the book very enjoyable if not a little too vulgar. 

I find the book very similar in style and content to Brett Easton Ellis' "Rules of Attraction." I am sure this is a comparison this book gets often.  I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Ellis' books. [SPOILER:] As a disclaimer this book may not be suitable for everyone: it touches upon topics such as date rape, drug use, abortion, fake rape allegations amongst others. 

As a gay male who went to art school, I can't attest the authenticity of the three main characters' attitudes about sex.  In my opinion it seems a little gratuitous, but like I said I don't know any people in a fraternity or sorority so this may very well be accurate.

I would say that I do find the characters emotionally believable.  They are a little flat, but I think that is done intentionally to get at the crux of the story.  I feel like the core of the story boils down to the misery of someone moving from youth (where you are free and full of hope) into the boring reality of adulthood.  These three characters had a dream of what their life would be like after college and made all decisions based on these false ideas only to end up unhappy in the reality of life.  Or the book might also just be about how stupid American college students are.  

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